Now Shipping: ExoSOLS 3D Printed True Custom Orthotics, Tailored to Your Feet


A new kind of foot support packs years of medical knowledge into a simple, unique custom orthotic

New York – May 17, 2016SOLS, a pioneer of custom manufacturing, today announces the availability and shipping of ExoSOLS. It’s now easier than ever to find comfort in your day to day life, starting from the ground up. No prescription is required, simply download the SOLS app and capture images of your feet to render your true custom foot support. Made for you, on-demand, ExoSOLS will be shipped six days later.

SOLS was founded by Kegan Schouwenburg, who was recently named one of Inc.’s 30 under 30.  “SOLS believes in a foot-first approach to total wellness, meaning comfort starts from the ground up. We believe everyone deserves to go forth with healthy feet that truly feel good,” says Schouwenburg. “Proactively taking care of your feet helps you look and feel great, while preparing your body for the journey ahead.”

ExoSOLS offer a fresh take on true custom foot support, aligning the body to promote proper posture, improving stability and comfort from the biomechanical stress of everyday life. ExoSOLS help promote alignment of your entire body by stabilizing your gait and supporting your arch, while absorbing shock to redistribute pressure for immediate comfort and support. Finally, ExoSOLS are uniquely designed to increase energy efficiency and dynamically propel you forward, making them ideal for people who spend a lot of time on their feet, live active lifestyles, or are looking for simple ways to improve wellness.

ExoSOLS are plush and responsive with a base made from Flexxon, a proprietary polymer that allows your orthotic to be elastic yet strong. The ExoSOLS are built to your weight for the exact right amount of flexibility. Pressure is distributed evenly across the foot bed, reducing shock on the feet, ankles and hips. ExoSOLS also offer two top cover fabric choices that are both anti-microbial, moisture-wicking and odor-controlling.

ExoSOLS’ patent pending technology offers all the wellness benefits of custom orthotics – healthy posture, comfort, and long lasting support – without the doctor. The process is simple: measure, model and make. Download the SOLS Custom Fit iOS app and measure your feet by taking foot selfies with a friend. SOLS’ FORM3D Technology will identify the key contours of your feet and translate your unique biochemical data into a 3D model. Finally, your true foot support is 3D made right here in the United States with durable, state of the art materials.

About SOLS

Founded in July 2013, SOLS Systems is a pioneer of custom mass manufacturing. SOLS combines medical research, technology and digital manufacturing to create products that are truly customized and mapped to fit each unique individual. To date, the company has raised $23.7 million in funding from investors including Lux Capital, Founders Fund, Tenaya Capital and Melo7 Tech Partners.