Full-Time Working Mom of Two Makes “Elfing” Easy With New Mobile Elf Help App  

elfhelp“Elfing” Just Got Easy for Parents with an iOS Device. Elf Help is the Absolute Best Elf Planning and Organization Tool Available

JACKSON, GA (December 11, 2014) – As it is for many parents, the Christmas season is one of the most hectic times of year for Georgia mother Jennifer Symmes. When she considered introducing the wildly popular Christmas elf tradition into her family of four, she was excited but overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up with the “magic” every night for an entire month. Between real-life responsibilities of being a wife, a mother to two toddler girls and full-time work as a professional communications specialist, the idea of “elfing” seemed more like an extra chore than actual fun.

 “But then I thought, ‘Wait! I bet there’s an app for that,’ ” said Jennifer. “I searched and came up with nothing. I was looking specifically for an app that would help simplify the tradition of daily elf antics with a customizable daily planner. I couldn’t find one so I decided to create it myself.”

Elf Help’s customizable daily planner is what makes the app truly unique and useful compared to any other elf-related tool in the mobile app market. Jennifer said “Elf Help is not a resource for finding ideas for elves. Elf antic inspiration is abundantly available through thousands of other online resources like Pinterest pages, blogs, Facebook, Instagram, and even other apps. Elf Help is different. It’s extremely handy because it allows parents to choose their favorite ideas from all that they see online. Then, they can easily organize those ideas into a daily planner with the option to enter simple descriptions, upload photos, and enter supplies that are automatically added to an easy check-off shopping list.”

Elf Help also features an important custom message reminder tool so parents don’t forget about the elf’s nightly return to and from the North Pole. To help protect the elf’s “magic,” ambiguous alert messages like “Teach the dog to roll over”, “Train for a triathlon”, or “You Know!” can be selected as reminders for parents to take care of “elfing” business before they go to bed.

For those who like to share, a photo and camera tool is available through the Elf Help app so parents can take pictures of their elf each day to archive and share online via Facebook, Instagram and twitter.

A secret parent pin code can also easily be set so the elf’s magic is always protected from young curious eyes.

“Elf Help is a practical and modern day solution to accomplishing a simple but magically memorable holiday season with the Christmas elf,” said Jennifer. “Every ELFING family deserves that!”

 Elf Help works with iPhone®, iPad®, and iPod touch®. Download the app today. For more details, visit www.elfhelpapp.com  

Elf Help is a daily planner, shopping list, reminder, and photo sharing tool that gives parents and their children the gift of the most magical season yet from the wildly popular Christmas elf