Geneva, June 29th 2015 


Swiss watch manufacturer Frederique Constant and Fullpower Technologies from Silicon Valley are pleased to announce that the first Horological Smartwatches, luxury timepieces with connected functionality, are officially available in stores. The first watches have shipped from the Frederique Constant Manufacture in Plan-les- Ouates, Geneva, to customers in Switzerland and the USA. Shipments worldwide are starting as well.

After three years of research and development, in collaboration with Fullpower Technologies Inc. of Santa Cruz, California, and Manufacture Modules Technologies Sàrl, Frederique Constant was the first Swiss watchmaker to unveil the Horological Smartwatch, powered by MotionX®, last February.

The MotionX platform provides the most accurate and advanced data regarding the quantified self, including sleep and activity tracking, all with over two years of battery life. After the enthusiasm generated by the initial launch, Frederique Constant presented four additional models for gentlemen during Baselworld in March.

The Horological Smartwatch has all the attributes of a beautiful Swiss watch fully integrated with Fullpower’s end-to-end MotionX® horological smartwatch technology platform. Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatches are available in five different styles, in the accessible luxury price range from 990 CHF to 1290 CHF.


“These Frederique Constant watches are beautiful, smart and connected with over two years of battery life and the most complete and accurate quantified self implementation,” said Peter Stas, CEO of Frederique Constant. “With their timeless, analogue dial designs, Frederique Constant has created a smartwatch that combines classical design that we love with the technical innovation that we want.”

“Frederique Constant did a magnificent job implementing the MotionX MMT Platform,” said Philippe Kahn, CEO and founder of Fullpower-MotionX. “These are wonderful horological smartwatches.”


The Frédérique Constant Swiss Horological Smartwatches support the following functionalities:

• +2 years battery life
• Always-on time & date
• MotionX® activity tracking
• Sleeptracker® sleep monitoring
• Sleep cycle alarms
• Get-Active alerts
• Dynamic coaching
• Automatic OTA watch software updates are available on both iOS and Android

About Frederique Constant: Frederique Constant is a family owned watch manufacturer based in Plan-les- Ouates, Geneva, Switzerland. The company is involved in all stages of watch production, from initial design, to final assembly and quality control. Frederique Constant develops, manufactures, and assembles in-house calibers, 18 different versions since 2004. Frederique Constant watches are defined by their high quality and differentiation and precision in design and manufacturing. Their perceived value, through quality of design, materials, and manufacture, is a key component of their success. Each watch is assembled by hand, with the latest equipment and extensive controls, to ensure maximum quality and durability. The company embraces innovation to offer creativity and exceptional value. Its 32,000 square foot facility in Geneva is ultra modern and offers the best environment for its passionate watchmakers.

About Fullpower: Founded in 2003, Fullpower’s world-class team leads the wearable and IoT revolution. The MotionX platform includes a suite of tightly coupled and integrated firmware, software, and communication components that are the building blocks for new breakthrough non-invasive, wearable wireless and IoT devices with ultra-long battery life. The Swiss Horological Smartwatch is powered by Fullpower’s MotionX® technology platform and provides a comprehensive summary of its user’s daily progress, including activity and sleep. Fullpower drives wearable and IoT solutions for market leaders such as Nike, Serta, Simmons, MMT, Alpina, Frederique Constant, Mondaine, Jawbone, and others. The Fullpower wearable patent portfolio includes more than 100 issued and pending patents relating to sleep monitoring, activity tracking, bands, pods, smartwatches, eyewear, clothing, sensor-fusion technologies, health, medical applications, wellness, and machine learning. PR contact:

About MMT: MMT (Manufacture Modules Technologies Sàrl) is a new Swiss joint by Fullpower Technologies, Inc. of Silicon Valley and the owners of the Frederique Constant Group. Its mission is to bring the MotionX-365® Horological Smartwatch Open Platform to the Swiss watch industry. Fullpower creates and licenses the schematic design, firmware, smartphone applications, and cloud infrastructure to MMT. MMT manages the development and production of Swiss watch movements (also referred to as modules) incorporating Fullpower’s technology, and licenses, and provides support for, the MotionX-365® Horological Smartwatch Platform to the Swiss watch industry. MMT’s headquarters are in Geneva.

MotionX®, MotionX-365®, and Sleeptracker® are trademarks of Fullpower and are used under license.

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