Fourseven puts the charm back in charms – silver jewellery for wearable storytelling

Introduces most comprehensive collection of India-inspired charms Kettle Charm Rs 900 Yogi Lotus Charm Rs. 950 YOGI SCORPION POSE CHARM-GOLD Rs. 750 IMG_9641 Keep Evil at Auto Rikshaw Charm Rs. 1 100

May 2014 – Rekindle the trendy, versatile and modern woman in you as fourseven, a fast-growing, distinctive online jewellery brand, brings back the true essence of charms through its collection that celebrates what is unique and beautiful about Indian culture. showcases its Charms Collection that is quirky and artistic with intricate detailing in sterling silver and semi-precious stones.

Ever popular in the West, from Hollywood stars to grandmothers, working women and teenagers, charms are a great way to express your individuality – wearable storytelling, so to speak. With charms, there is something for everyone. You choose the charms that are meaningful to you; then you choose how you want to wear them – all together on a bracelet, loaded up on a charm necklace, simply as a pendant, dangling from an anklet, even on rings, earrings and bangles! With fourseven charms, you can create elegant, everyday and fun styles that complement every look.

Every fourseven charm is designed to hold a special connection that will stay with you for a lifetime. The brand offers a wide range of charms categories, including

·         Indian Masala Charms that capture the unique beauty of Indian heritage and culture, including an auto rickshaw, nimbu mirchi, ketli and more

·         Musical Charms for the musicians out there – or for those who just love music!

·         Just for Fun Charms, which include Yogis in different poses, dragonflies, butterflies, stars and more

·         Spirit Charms that bring the elemental properties of semi-precious stones into elegant charms including Energy, Love, Tranquility and others

·         Symbol Charms that promote unity and peace

·         Alphabet Charms to celebrate those who are special to you

fourseven charms are extremely versatile. Customers can choose from a variety of ways to showcase their charms – from silver chains to charm necklaces, charm bracelets, anklets, rings, cuffs and bangles. You may want to have a big chunky leather cuff when you’re in your earthy mood. But that evening when you’re going out for a night out on the town, you simply unclip your charm from your cuff and throw it on your Simply Charming Anklet to add a bit of allure to your ensemble.  “Your Story. Your Style.

 “Our customers love that we have captured what they find endearing about India so they can take a piece of it with them wherever they go. Charms also make great gifts for the people we hold near and dear in our lives,” said Rebekkah Kumar, founder of fourseven.  “When you give a charm, you show the person you know her well by choosing the things she loves most. Then you can keep adding to her collection over the years to create shared memories.”  A great example is a mother whose charm bracelet holds the initials of her husband and children along with the Love spirit stone, the Om, the Nimbu Mirchi, the Tree of Life and the Kalash.  Every time she wears her charm bracelet, she will think of the things that are most meaningful to her.

fourseven is adding new charms and new ways to wear charms to its collection everyday. Customers can join the fourseven Sterling Club for exclusive sneak peeks, updates on new collections, and to earn rewards toward their purchases.


About fourseven

fourseven is a private label jewellery brand that designs, manufactures and retails distinctive jewellery, available through both online and offline channels. offers a breadth of designs in sterling silver, in gold plating and in semi-precious stones and other materials. It celebrates the strength, beauty, confidence and individuality of every woman.

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