Flaunt your style with these vintage clutch bags from Holi -willow collection.

When you’re going out you need a bag that is stylish, small yet big enough to hold your basic essentials. Holii the modern Indian brand for fashionable leather handbags and accessories introduces the Willow collection. This new festive range of Holii bags adds the right amount of glamour, and that little bit of oomph. If you are a clutch kind of girl, go with one these willow bags that gives a complete look to your entire outfit.

Willow 01 Rs. 4995 Willow range

You can flaunt off these clutch bags into parties, wedding and social gathering. Holi bags  can be used in both daily routine and exclusive gatherings and parties.

The Willow range, with real leather covered solid brass handles,brings a modern architectural element to Holii’s classic paisley emboss and multi colour leathers. Clean lines and patch work of contrasting leathers make this an attention grabbing range. A colourful bag to brighten all your occasions.