First Dental Clinic in India to Accept Cryptocurrency

Just a day after the successful initial token sale (17.9 billion Dentacoin tokens distributed), the international Dentacoin partner network is growing.

To understand the potential that Dentacoin has to improve global dental health it is important to understand the magnitude of the problem in India.  To begin, India is the second most populated country on Earth and is only slightly smaller than China.  The population of India is about 1.32 billion people and is expected to exceed China in 5 years.


Secondly, the population of India is incredibly young.  Over 65% are below the age of 35 and more than half are under the age of 25.  Incredibly over 27% of Indians are younger than 15.  No other country on the face of the Earth has more young people living in it than India.  These young people are more likely than an older generation to adopt a new idea like Dentacoin.

The last important percentage that must be understood is that over 50% of these young people have major dental problems that can be prevented in future through the type of proper oral hygiene encouraged by Dentacoin.  The percentage of those who can benefit from these practices only goes up with age until it reaches almost 85% of those over age 65.

A first clinic in India accepts Dentacoin as means of payment: Dentech Dental Care!

Dentech Dental Care is a multispecialty dental clinic, located in Pune. It provides a wide range of dental services and relies on state-of-the-art technology to achieve the desired treatment results. The individual approach to each patient, as well as the high level of patient satisfaction are main drivers for Dr. Yogesh Khadtare and his team. All these key pillars of the clinic led Dr. Khadtare to Dentacoin.

“Awhile ago, I was searching on Google about crytocurrency and at that time I read about the ICO of Dentacoin which was about to be launched soon. Then I started looking for more information about Dentacoin. I instantly liked the concept of the Trusted Review Platform  and the dental insurance. I believe that Dentacoin will help improve the dental condition of the population and will also strengthen the relationship between patients and dentists”, explains  Dr. Yogesh Khadtare.

Dr. Khadtare plans on educating his patients on how to operate with Dentacoin on spot at his practice, as well as through digital information materials. Dr. Khadtare is also convinced in the long-term benefits from Dentacoin not only in regards to improving the patient-dentist relation, but also to maximizing efficiency and lowering the delivery costs for dentists. “In the long run dentists will get even more benefits from accepting DCN in their practice. The idea to shorten the supply chain by removing the dealer between dentists and manufacturers will make a revolution in the dental industry”, says  Dr. Yogesh Khadtare. The first Dentacoin partner in India is also eager to help the team with increasing the awareness about the first Blockchain solution for dentistry during dental conferences and trade fairs.

Importantly, over 75% of Indians currently have a mobile phone and are expected to have a smart phone in the next year or so.  This will give them access to the Dentacoin dental health mobile app (DentaCare is currently available in beta on the App Store) that helps users establish healthy dental habits and rewards them with Dentacoin, which can later be used to pay for dental treatment at partnering clinics, buy dental products and pay for the Dentacoin Assurance, dental insurance-like model, which is the cornerstone of Dentacoin Concept.

“Expanding our network to India was a very important step for us. Dentacoin is a global concept and thus it needs localized communication and implementation strategies, tailored to the specifics of each region which cannot be developed without the support from local pioneer partners. Since the very beginning of our project development, we’ve had a lot of engaged supporters from India and we are happy that we managed to provide them so soon with the opportunity to use Dentacoin to its full potential”, comments Dr. Klaus-Christian Werner, Industry Partner Acquisition Manager at Dentacoin.

Dentacoin is the first blockchain currency, designed specifically for the global dental industry.  It’s unique business model addresses specific problems and gives solutions, which will contribute to improved dental health globally and will also save a portion of the $400 billion spent each year on preventable dental problems.