Finding Success In A Growing Industry: Monterey, California Lawyers Meeting The Legal Needs Of CannaBusinesses

cannabisMONTEREY, CA  (May 29th, 2014)  Monterey, California law firm L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law and their top CannaBusiness lawyer Gavin Kogan are leading the way in California by providing clients with the experienced legal assistance they require to provide their customers with needed medical cannabis while building a profitable, legally sound cannabusiness.

Firm Founder and Partner Jeff Gilles believes “It is imperative that each jurisdiction begin a planning process that embraces the fact that our local citizens should be able to purchase Cannabis locally for medicinal purposes rather that driving to another jurisdiction to fill a prescription.  We are losing tax revenue, increasing Green House Gas Emissions attributable to unnecessary miles, and increasing the burden on patients suffering from MLS, Cancer and other illnesses where Cannabis has successfully been used to help those patients.”


Much of their interest has stemmed from the lack of available dispensaries in Monterey and San Benito Counties. “There are three kinds of counties, those that ban it outright, those that regulate it, and the most malicious has nothing on the books,” Kogan says. “Well, maybe ‘malicious’ is too strong. But because of it, people don’t know what to do. If the county banned it, it would be easy, we could not run operations there.”  L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law believes in changing perceptions and changing laws.  They have a proven track record at achieving political and governmental advocacy for their clients and the fledgling and growing CannaBusiness industry is going to need careful navigation to achieve its goals. 


L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law is leading the way in California on Cannabis Dispensary Law and the coming legalization of recreational marijuana.  The firm advises and represents cannabusinesses handling marijuana as well as cannabusinesses that not directly handling marijuana, also known as “ancillary” cannabusinesses. They support their clients with the legal knowledge they will need to effectively structure and operate a cannabusiness.


Clients confidently rely on Attorney Gavin.Kogan to help them identify and manage the legal issues that are relevant to a cannabusiness now,  during prohibition. and in the future after legalization. This means that Mr. Kogan holds a command of the law, not only as it exists today, but also with respect to how it may evolve.  This professionally developed legal judgment enables Mr. Kogan to critically assess both state and federal legal developments.


As an active participant in ARCView and in the cannabusiness community in general, Mr. Kogan appreciates the need to provide collaborative legal representation in this area of practice.  He knows that cannabusiness owners want attorneys they can work with on an individual level in order to develop long-term legal business strategies tailored specifically to their own unique interests.

The bottom line of cannabusiness is the same as any business – the constant striving to have a sound, productive firm.  But in order to be successful, cannabusinesses must be able to protect their product from seizure by law enforcement and avoid operation shutdowns.  Working with a strong law firm who has the experience to minimize loss and disruptions is tantamount.  Gavin Kogan and L+G, LLP Attorneys at Law are dedicated to preparing cannabusinesses for success.


About L+G, LLP – Attorneys as Law

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