Finally a Budget Friendly Solution to Business Tracking – Software Solution Costs 95% Less than Hardware; Eviscerates Competitors

523926_369624009778435_457771420_aTechnology pioneers at QITLabs have released their latest mobile app as an economical solution for businesses.  While GPS hardware systems can cost as much as $50 per month, the company’s software solution boasts prices as low as $2 per month. After serving 1.5 million users with their personal tracking solutions, the potential for business tracking has finally been realised in the form of the MapME application. The developers at the company have devised the advanced tool which uses GPS to track mobile devices.

MapME is a mobile APP engineered to enable businesses to track everything from an individual salesperson and company property up to their entire fleet. The device can be used in securely tracking phones and tablets carried by employees or on loan to customers. allows users to log into their PC, Tablet or mobile phone and check the location of their registered devices instantaneously using on the online interface.

Notably the application will offer improved security for employees carrying expensive equipment and cargo as well as allowing businesses to protect their assets. A prime example will be Tourism Agencies who will be able to offer preloaded tablets to tourists providing them with interactive maps, highlighting sightseeing locations, directions, interesting facts, great restaurants and a whole lot more. All the while the business can use to keep track of and protect their equipment.

The technology for business tracking may have been around for quite some time but until recently the potential was viewed as limited. However, the possibilities are only limited by imagination and QITLabs have a pretty big imagination. is a highly effective solution for businesses of any size and can be used for a variety of business needs. The features include the marking of warning areas, hot spots and speed alerts. The app can also facilitate business reports which allow information to be documented and analyzed at a later date.

The developers are so confident in the MapME App that they have offered a free trial on their website so business owners can see the benefits for themselves. The trial allows users to test out the mobile device tracker with either Blackberry or Android.

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