FashionTV announces a new distributor for Mexico

FashionTV has announced its long awaited return to the Mexican market.

April , 2013, Paris, France FashionTV has announced that after a wait of nearly two years, the Mexican public will enjoy their full HD signal after a long-term distribution agreement has been signed with Looktv.

FashionTV has become one of the most renowned TV channels with which the modern generation of Mexico has grown and prospered. FashionTV now reaches 10 million viewers across the country.

FashionTV is emerging itself into the world of international fashion and Jetset experiences of Mexico and the World. The Channel will be available on pay television, tablets, mobile phones and public places all across the country. Fashiontv give more emphasis on luxury and fashion, showing the lifestyle of billionaires who enjoy the world.

FashionTV will bring its viewers the latest fashion events around the world, with the luxury and glamor of the most prestigious fashion events, red carpets, beauty awards and monitoring of Mexican and international celebrities and Jetset lifestyle world. Direct reports from Paris, New York, Rome, St. Tropez, Monte-Carlo … the most loved by the public more sophisticated will be covered.

The most spectacular yachts, the most elegant mansions, extravagant parties … funded, governed and consumed by the fashion elite of Mexico, everything in FashionTVHD.

Looktv also be responsible for distributing the successful international merchandising line FTV, including its exquisite vodka, a line of energy drinks with Acai and your water line of Austria.

FashionTV is very popular on websites like Facebook, Twitter, Google + and is the leader among fashion magazines on YouTube. FashionTV successfully develop sites for new media in Mexico entirely in Spanish.

About Fashion TV

Founded by its president, Mr. Michel Adam, Fashion TV is the biggest fashion medium in the world. As the only global 24/7 TV station focused exclusively on fashion, beauty, trends and style, FTV broadcasts the latest news & information to over 440 million households and 7 million public places worldwide. Fashion TV is more than a channel, it is a lifestyle. The community of FTV viewers is considered the most luxurious, glamorous and fashion-oriented target group among all media consumers, who not only love to watch the fashionable lifestyle on TV, but they also enjoy LIVING IT. As a result, Fashion TV branded products, locations (F Clubs, F Bars, F Hotels etc..) and high-profile events are increasingly popular and sought-after by millions of fans around the world.


Fashion TV is the global multimedia network leader in fashion and lifestyle content, broadcasting to over 60 satellites in SD, HD and 3D, 530 TV platforms, mobile, IPTV, SmartTV, Smart Phones and Androids.

Fashion TV broadcasts in 193 countries to over 440 million households and 7 million public locations across the 5 continents. Fashion TV is the only 24-hour fashion, beauty & lifestyle television station worldwide.

New Media

Fashion TV has expanded its social media presence with millions of followers on YouTube, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Youku, Tudou, Daily Motion, MetaCafe, vKontakti etc..

On Youtube Fashion TV is the leading Fashion Company with more than 611 million views and 447,000 subscribers. These numbers are bigger than all Top 14 Fashion magazines YouTube numbers put together. Please visit Fashion TV on Youtube under:

On Facebook, Fashion TV has a total fan base of over 2M users. Please visit FashionTV on Faceboook under:

On Google+ Fashion TV has more than 2 million users with a growth of 100,000 new users each month. Please visit Fashion TV on Google+ under:


Fashion TV has expanded its licensing business to include F merchandise, F Bars, F Clubs, F Hotels, F Cafes, F Stores, F Beverages (including f18 and f88), F Vodka, F Voda, F Mobile Phones, F Perfume and F Couture in over 193 countries. Fashion TV’s variety of products and hospitality is experiencing high growth as F Bars, F Cafes, F Stores and F Hotels have opened in over 200 locations, with new ones opening weekly across the world. Please find all current presentations on Fashion TV’s newest licensing activities under: