Fashion in Helsinki presents the newest names and trends in Finnish fashion

Fashion in Helsinki is a new event that aims to become the new trendsetter in Nordic fashion. The event will present the newest names and emerging talents in Finnish fashion in Helsinki from 13 to 20 May 2017.

Demand for Finnish fashion has grown strongly in recent years in Asia, where Nordic style is held in high regard. Finnish fashion brands have already been featured in the Chinese edition of Elle and the Korean edition of Harper’s Bazaar, as well as in Numéro Tokyo in Japan.

Now Finnish fashion is set to gain even more of an international boost. The Fashion in Helsinki event will bring together Finnish and international fashion industry representatives and buyers together with media representatives and members of the public from 13 to 20 May 2017.

A new generation of fashion experts is studying in Helsinki

Last year Business of Fashion, the leading digital authority on the global fashion industry, named Aalto University in Helsinki one of the leading fashion schools. Young designers who have graduated from the School of Arts, Design and Architecture have already found success around the world. For example, Maria Korkeila was awarded the Schiaparelli Prize at the Hyerès Fashion Festival, and Finnish designers claimed the top three positions in the Designer’s Nest competition in Copenhagen.

Fashion in Helsinki offers fashion shows, seminars and exhibitions

The Fashion in Helsinki programme has been published on the event’s website

Highlights include the launch of fashion designer Tuomas Merikoski’s AALTO International and fashion designer Sasu Kauppi’s SSSU brands. Sasu Kauppi recently worked with Kanye West’s Yeezy brand in Los Angeles.

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