Eyefi Cloud Adds the Edge to Photography

eyefiSupports Photographers with Single Storage, Easy Accessibility and Management across Multiple Devices


Photos are a very crucial medium of communications today –at a personal and commercial level –they reflect your emotions and achieve your objectives. The fast-paced social media environment has necessitated photographers to up their ante in saving, editing and sharing visual content. In response, like most technology driven industries, photography is also becoming smarter and virtualized.


A number of players have facilitated this change. Eyefi, the global leader in digital camera connectivity, is one such solution provider. Its range of products is helping photographers better manage their portfolios.


Its latest offering, Eyefi Cloud, is a private, photo-centric, cloud service that makes newly captured photos instantly available on a smartphone, tablet, desktop/laptop or smart TV. Now globally available, the virtualization technique is designed to deliver the superior image quality of digital cameras, without the time-consuming processes required to enjoy those photos on multiple devices.


Eyefi Cloud, working in sync with the Eyefi Mobi WiFi SD card and Eyefi Mobi apps, ensures every picture taken is automatically stored in the Cloud and instantly accessible, anytime, anywhere, to view, curate and share securely and privately.. Eyefi Cloud eliminates the need to manually transfer files or e-mail photos to different devices, automatically syncing photos across all devices as soon as they are taken.


Photographers can store and manage unlimited photos on Eyefi Cloud, for which a 90 day membership is provided complimentary with the purchase of Eyefi Mobi. Users buying an annual membership, which is priced at AED184.99, also receive an additional 90 days free.


To access the service, users simply need to download and register the new Eyefi Mobi mobile app, which is available through iTunes or Google Play stores or download the Eyefi Mobi Desktop Transfer app.


Eyefi Cloud offers a full range of photo-related functionality, including:

  • Transfer –Add wireless functionality to any digital camera, and easily send images from camera to mobile device or desktop.
  • Organize –Sort and tag images as they are taken, so they are easy to find later –for sharing, printing, and all the other wonderful ways photos are used.
  • Sync –Automatically synchronize photos to all devices to be able to view, edit, and manipulate photos both on and offline, anytime, anywhere.
  • Share –Invite friends and family to view photos and albums without requiring registration. Photo collections are ‘live’, so any additions to an existing collection will generate a notice to recipients that new images have been added.