Eyefi Acquires the OKDOTHIS Mobile App That Inspires Creativity in Photographers

Logo imagePhoto management leader adds photo enthusiast community app to its product line-up; challenges photographers to push the envelope of their creative style, and engage with and inspire other photographers.

DUBAI. November 15, 2015— Eyefi (www.eyefi.com), the global leader in digital photo-management apps and services, has acquired the OKDOTHIS app (www.okdothis.com ), the app that pioneered idea-sharing for photographers with its unique way of inspiring photographers to stretch their creativity. The acquisition expands Eyefi’s scope into a new area of digital photography: engaging directly with photographers to inspire creativity and the exchange of ideas. The terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

OKDOTHIS popularized the idea of a daily photography “DO” – an idea or suggestion designed to trigger creative inspiration for photographers. OKDOTHIS was created through a partnership between Nashville, Tennessee based Aloompa and Jeremy Cowart, acclaimed photographer and founder of See University.  In 2014 Jeremy was recognized as the most Socially Influential Photographer on the Web.  His body of work includes portraits of many familiar names such as Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Tim Tebow, Sting and many others.

“When I meet photographers around the world, one common theme emerges: exploring new ideas to evolve their skills and get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their photography. That was the idea that led to the creation of OKDOTHIS,” said Jeremy Cowart. “Being a part of Eyefi means we can scale this idea and bring OKDTOTHIS to photographers everywhere.”

“We are delighted that the OKDOTHIS team has joined Eyefi,” said Matt DiMaria, CEO of Eyefi. “Eyefi has always focused on helping photographers be more productive so they can focus on creativity. With OKDOTHIS, we’re adding the power of social interaction and engagement among photographers to inspire them to challenge and learn from each other.”


OKDOTHIS is an innovative community of photographers who, every day, celebrate the role of creativity in the art of photography. The app is designed to get them out of the rut of taking the same picture over and over again by providing a “DO” — a specific idea of what subjects to shoot and what mood, topic, theme or attribute to highlight. OKDOTHIS encourages photographers to ‘stretch’ beyond their standard shooting styles. There are several categories of DOs, ranging from art & design, sports, work, life highlights, etc. Examples of some thought-provoking DOs include:

– Defy gravity!

– Doors that you wish could talk

– Epitomize a city in one photograph

– Tenebrism: violent contrasts of light and dark, where darkness dominates the image

Photographers can simply browse, select a DO, and use their phone to take and post the photo on the spot.  Alternatively, a photographer might want to plan a day of DOs — select a few on which to focus for the day, head out with a preferred digital camera, and shoot. With the Eyefi Cloud integrated with the OKDOTHIS mobile app, photographers can now use photos from their digital camera (with a Mobi WiFi SD card) or their WiFi camera to submit a photo for one of the challenges.


Founded in 2012, OKDOTHIS is a creativity community serving as a platform to both inspire and share work. Focused on, but not limited to the realm of photography, OKDOTHIS is not just another photo-sharing service: knowing that any work of art can serve as inspiration, the platform encourages users to share the creative ideas behind their work. Sitting at the crossroads of inspiration and community, OKDOTHIS users come full circle by creating work stimulated by specific prompts that goes on to inspire others. By connecting people through art and allowing them to share their ideas socially, OKDOTHIS produces a uniquely individual view of the world.



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