Extentia Launches the SOS – Stay Safe! Application for Assistance in an Emergency

First of its Kind Mobile App Turns Smartphones into Instant Personal Safety Devices


Pune, India, July, 2013 – Extentia Information Technology today announced the launch of the SOS – Stay Safe! mobile application to summon assistance during emergencies. This revolutionary app is convenient, interactive, and easy to use – it transforms smartphones into personal safety devices.

The launch event featured an app demo and a lively discussion among eminent panelists on safety and security issues. These included women’s activists, social activists, women’s college students, and senior citizen’s groups.

Safety, particularly for women and the elderly, is a major concern in India. After a series of highly publicized cases of assault, there is a very obvious need to be able to call for assistance immediately. The unique SOS – Stay Safe! smart phone app is a proactive solution to personal safety.

Your Phone as An Emergency Safety Device

When users are threatened or in a situation needing emergency attention, the SOS – Stay Safe! app will automatically send an emergency text message, the user’s location, , and a recorded sound clip of the user on email, to pre-selected contacts. This is enabled inconspicuously without anyone – an attacker or stalker – noticing the user’s actions.

‘The SOS – Stay Safe! application gives you confidence. The victim will be less afraid knowing that help is on the way. In situations when fear consumes you, this is extremely important,’ said Shehnaz Chawla, journalist at Life 365.

Speaking about the app as a tool for empowerment, Jasmeen Patheja, Women’s Activist and Founder, Blank Noise said ‘We must pledge to be the person to intervene and create a safer environment. We must interact with perpetrators of such crimes. Our movement has been successful in cleaning up unsafe streets in Bangalore’.

Possible Emergency Scenarios:

–          Being stalked when walking home from work

–          Being followed by a strange vehicle at night

–          Attempted assault or threatening environment

–          A road accident in a remote place

–          Hiking/camping/picnic emergencies

–          Attempted burglaries at home

–          A fall or accident needing medical attention

Key Features:

  1. Sends an automatic text message/SMS and/or an email to designated contacts with user’s name and a voice recording
  2. Messages sent repeatedly at intervals
  3. Traces user’s exact location
  4. Informs recipient of the battery level of user’s phone
  5. Notifications are sent discreetly – without users having to even look at their device

“The SOS – Stay Safe! application represents a commitment to innovation for personal safety from Extentia,” said Umeed Kothavala, CEO, Extentia. “Mobile technology continues to give us ways to enhance our lives; This solution captures the need for safety and gives citizens the power to proactively address their security concerns. Leveraging our patent-pending technology, user insight expertise and in collaboration with safely experts, we’re excited to make available this potential life-saving tool to the public.”

‘It’s important to talk to others. If we don’t tear down these walls, they will fall on us. Even if some seniors can’t adapt to new technology, they can be taught and use apps like this,’ said Cyrus Golvala, President, Senior Citizen’s club, Pune

Developed using patent pending technology, the SOS – Stay Safe! application is primarily designed to benefit women, elderly citizens and anyone who needs assistance in an urgent situation.


Immediate, on Google Play (Android) – https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.extentia.sos

More Information – 

View video at http://youtu.be/3WGs33rs2R8

To know more about Extentia’s mobile offerings and to schedule demos, please write inquiries@ixtentia.com, or call +91 20 67285200 (India) / +1 408 627 4094 (United States).

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