Exhibit 100 Hottest Startups 2016 awards

Bangalore, March 2016 – Exhibit Technologies concluded the 2nd year of 100 Hottest Startups in a 2-day event in Bangalore on 8th and 9th of March 2016. The event was held in The Chancery Pavilion, Bangalore and witnessed some of the most deserving startups walking away with their due recognition.

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The event opened on the 8th March with 20 top startups pitching for an audience that included VCs, jury and 100 other participants. The following day was for the rest of the 20 startups who pitched and stunned all with their unique concepts.

All the 100 startups were categorized into 10 different sections and one from each category was crowned the best. The Winners can be known by thetechy.com/startups and pictures of the events are all live here at thetechy.com/gallery

The list of the jury is as follows;

Kumar Shiralagi: Kalari Capital; Niren Shah: Managing Director‐ NVP India;Ravi Gururaj: Managing Director‐ Nasscom; MohsinMemon: Founder and CEO‐ Memcorp Learning and Performance Solutions; Nitin Sharma: Founder‐ Lightbox; Rajinder Balaraman: Early Stage VC‐ Matrix Partners; Ruchir Lahoty: Director‐ NEA India; Viraj Malik: Managing Director and CEO‐ PK Online; Dr. Srikanth Sundarrajan: Venture Partner; Raj Rathi Member IAN; Ramesh Somani: Founder and Managing Director‐ Exhibit Group

The full list of winners is as below:

  1. Clap Global – The Social Messiah Startup of the Year and Startup of the Year
  2. Living Local – Most Out-Of-The-Box Startup of the Year
  3. CentralMart – The Underdog of the Year
  4. Yostartups – Rags to Riches Startup of the Year
  5. MyRefers – Mosr Promising Startup of the Year
  6. Most Eco-Friendly Startup of the Year – PomPom Recycling Pvt Ltd
  7. Fitternity – Woman Founder of the Year
  8. VuzelaaPvt Ltd – The Shell Crack Startup of the Year
  9. Helper4U – Best Solo Startup of the Year

Like the previous year, this year too was extremely successful in terms of attendance and acceptability. Exhibit Technologies is looking forward to rewarding the startups in the years to follow.

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