An exclusive conference for young people : THE SHIFT- Bringing Out the Best in Young Talent

Ø  Experience a remarkable day of wonder, inspiration and knowledge!

Ø  Explore and exchange new ideas, break boundaries and have a fun filled day!

Ø  Engage with extraordinary achievers, thinkers and doers who have made a difference from various professional spheres!


New Delhi, February 3 2014: An exclusive Summit for young people– THESHIFT is a mix of incredible speakers – enormous thinkers, achievers and teachers – whose inspirational message will be a source of motivation for all the young minds. The conference will be held on Saturday 8th February 2014 from 9.30 am to 4.00 pm At Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, Teen Murti Bhawan.  The Shift is all about “Making the Shift” and to inspire young students, aspiring entrepreneurs smart and brilliant young adults to make a SHIFT in their thinking, perceptions and ideas about their lives and their future. The main aim of the conference is to nurture young minds molding them to the best of their abilities so that they could make a right shift in their career.


The conference will be chaired by a mix of incredible speakers like Dr Karan Singh, Omar Abdullah, Anita Roy, Naveen Ansal, Shantanu Moitra  and others who would share their life changing experiences that made a SHIFT in their life. It would also attract three hundred students from Delhi’s top schools between the ages of 14 and 18 to attend.


Sno  Speakers Topic


Dr. Karan Singh  Will unravel the divine ‘Shift’ of the cosmos through the eternal Dance of Natraja that epitomizes cycles of creation
2 GauravTekriwal  Vedic Maths Unravelled: A Math Mantra


Omar Abdullah  Speaking on the shift in Digital Technology and the way forward for Indian politics. 
4 Shantanu Moitra  Shift from Folk Music to Bollywood
5 Sindhu V  Shift from being a banker to a standup comedian


Aisha Chaudhuri  A story of true grit and the will to live when diagnosed with an auto immune disorder at the tender age of 17
7 Naveen Ansal  From journey out of addiction to success
8 Anita Roy  A journey from WHAT IS to WHAT IF?


David Back Co-Founder of Zoom, from dropping a full scholarship at Cambridge to setting up his own business of car sharing
10 Suniti Mathur Shift from Private tutor to a global online tutoring for SAT’s
11 Vineeth Vincent India’s young professional beatboxer – an alternative profession
12 Panel Discussion Fighting Brave: Dayan Krishnamurti (Nirbhaya’s lawyer), her parents and Purna.



THESHIFT will also be shown on the Web as talks and will be seen by students at over 150 schools across India.


The organizers LIVEWIRE aims to create a platform that hosts the brightest minds and experts in their fields to share their thoughts with a vibrant audience of three hundred students between the ages of 15 and 18 and their parents. The event will simultaneously be live streamed through to 85 TGELF member schools through the Web. With the The Shift conference orgainsers aims to reach over 20,000 youth.


About @Livewire


@LIVEWIRE has been launched by Anjali Raghbeer, PriyanjiliGoel and UrvashiKhemka. In the past eight years, through THEATRICS, they have brought several workshops and theatre productions to Delhi. Anjali Raghbeer is a writer of award-winning books for children. UrvashiKhemka is a trustee and works actively with the tGELF foundation, an institution devoted to creating and mentoring global youth leaders. PriyaGoel was one of the organizers of TEDx conference for youth at the American School last year. Another key founder member is Raja Choudhury, the founder of C3CUBE and an award winning digital creative director and filmmaker.

@LIVEWIRE also has a very strong committee that curates each event which includes AnshuBahanda, Neepa Chatterjee, RachnaGrewal, RadhikaKaulBatra, RuchikaBharadwaj, ShefaliKhushalani, Simi Bhattacharya, Trupti Gupta and VandanaMunjal.


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