EVRAZ is expanding its’ supply of rail products to Europe

evrazVUZ, the European certificating authority for rail transport, has issued EVRAZ with a Compliance Certificate (TSI) for all rolled railway wheels with a diameter of 920 mm of design type BA 318. Being awarded this certificate, in conjunction with a compliance certificate showing that the EVRAZ NTMK quality management system meets TSE requirements, has enabled the Company to start supplying these wheels to the European market.

TSI certificate allowed a new level of cooperation with the Deutsche Bahn. In 2012 EVRAZ NTMK was the first Russian enterprise to be awarded a preliminary certificate by Deutsche Bahn. TSI certificate made possible the first shipment of wheels for field testing. The first export batch of Railway Wheels BA 318 is scheduled to ship to Germany in the 1st quarter of 2014.

The Company simultaneously continues the process of applying for the certification of other types of cargo rolling stock wheels for the European market, and is working on expanding its’ product line for the North American market. EVRAZ NTMK is currently producing more than 20 types of railway wheels, including designs for cargo and passenger rail cars, for metro trains, for use in special rolling stock, and on locomotives.

“Expanding our product portfolio as required by foreign consumers is a strategic target for EVRAZ, and this order of Railway Wheels BA 318 for Deutsche Bahn is an important step forward in achieving this” stated Ilya Shirokobrod, EVRAZ Vice President, Head of the Railway Products Division. “It shows that the Company is capable not only of meeting the requirements of our internal market, but those of our foreign partners as well. Growing export sales of these high-margin products will enable EVRAZ to strengthen its position on the international market, and we expect better financial indicators as a result.”