#EUsteel14 15 May 2014

eurofer “There are solutions for a real win-win EU energy and climate policy without damaging Europe’s manufacturing industries. But Greenhouse gas emissions do not stop at borders. Unilateral action by the EU, responsible for just about 10 per cent of global emissions, does not lead to any global reduction.The EU Steel Industry needs global action in terms of climate policy, otherwise it leads to leakage of the most efficient industry worldwide to countries outside the EU.”

 64 CEOs of the European Steel Industry urge the Heads of State and Government to restore balance between industrial, energy and climate policies in order to preserve the competitiveness of the industries in Europe.

 Discussindustrial competitiveness and meet -amongst others- Wolfgang Eder, President EUROFER and CEO voestalpine AG, RobrechtHimpe, Chairman of the board of ArecelorMittal Flat Carbon EU SA, Daniel Calleja, Director-General DG Enterprise and Bernard O´Connor, Lawyer and Trade Expert at NCTM.

The 4th European Steel Day #EUsteel14 will be on 15 May 2014

at Mont des Arts/ Kunstberg in Brussels.#savethedate

For More information: www.eurofer.eu