European companies flock to Gujarat, appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit

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European companies flock to Gujarat, appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit

India, January 19, 2014: Gujarati entrepreneurs have managed to capture the imagination of Europeans too! The recently concluded Vibrant Gujarat summit saw several delegates from Europe. Among them was Brand Dialogue, a consortium of Dutch branding and design agencies such as Fabrique, Globrands and Yellow Dress Retail. The Brand Dialogue group is widely respected across Europe for catering to some of Europe’s best known brands in retail, banking and location branding.

Brand Dialogue CEO, Willem Woudenberg, a veteran from the world of branding who has worked with top international clients was amazed by the ingenuity of the state’s thriving business community. “Almost every major company or big business house began as an SME here in Gujarat. Well designed government policies have also helped foster this spirit of entrepreneurship. The announcement of patent units will be a shot in the arm for small businesses” says Woudenberg, who wants to help such SMEs with correct branding and strategic design strategies that can help them achieve truly international standards.

This is Willem’s third visit to Vibrant Gujarat and he says it is getting better with every passing year. “It is interesting to see savvy businessmen who are not afraid of takings risks, working with such dedication to make a mark in the market.  However, competition is growing and as customer awareness increases, they would start demanding new and better goods and services. SMEs often find it difficult to differentiate themselves from competition and secure a positive image in the consumer’s mind-space. This is where branding can play a role” explains Woudenberg.

Brand Dialogue has been helping Indian brands evolve into internationally recognizable and relevant market leaders for nearly two years. In India, the company has worked with brands such as Delhi Airport, Godrej, FlipKart, Metro Cash and Carry, etc. Brand Dialogue has been organizing regular master classes, seminars and conferences to help Indian brand and design managers understand the nuances of design led branding and international best practices.