EU project LSFM4LIFE.  A new video to raise awareness about type 1 diabetes (T1D)

Promising new angle on curing type 1 diabetes.

The LSFM4LIFE project continues on with the devoted work on finding a long-term solution to cure type 1 diabetes.
A sustainable and effective cure for the disease is a very important unmet need that the research performed by the LSFM4LIFE project aims to find a solution for.

On January 30th, LSFM4LIFE launched a video to raise awareness about T1D and communicate on the ambitious objectives of the project. The video is available on YouTube via the account of Sparks & Co, the project’s partner responsible for communication and dissemination.

This communication materials are part of a wider awareness-raising process around this project and it is suitable for all audiences.

Diabetes is a common chronic disease that affects more than 415 million people throughout the world. Around 10 percent of those people, suffer from type 1 diabetes, an emerging epidemic worldwide which incidence is increasing at a pace of 3 to 4 percent every year, especially among children.

The LSFM4LIFE project is a promising step towards the end of type 1 diabetes.

This research project, involves 8 partner teams from 6 different European countries. These partners are dedicated to develop tools and technologies for a cell-based therapy. By achieving its goal, the LSFM4LIFE project will enable human pancreatic organoids (hPOs) transplantation that will relieve T1D patients from monitoring and injecting insulin.

Follow this link to watch the video :