ESCATEC announces the appointment of Dr. Marcel W. Hueppi as Director of Beverage Systems

Heerbrugg, Switzerland – 2 September 2015 – ESCATEC has announced the appointment of Dr. Marcel W. Hueppi as Director of Beverage Systems.  He joined ESCATEC at the start of 2015 as Senior Project Manager to develop the new Beverage Systems division of which he is now the Director.  Previously he was the CTO of Eugster/Frismag, a leading manufacturer of beverage systems, for over nine years.
Markus Walther, ESCATEC’s CEO, said, “Marcel brings tremendous experience and will be invaluable in helping ESCATEC become a major player in the Beverage Systems business especially as he has an extensive network of companies in the field.”
Mr Hueppi will be based in ESCATEC’s Swiss facility and added, “Design and Development will be handled in Switzerland as it provides a central location for European customers that is easy to access from most countries in a day trip.  Manufacturing will take place in our new factory in Malaysia that has been specially equipped to the British Retail Consortium standard for the manufacture of food and beverage appliances.  It is already producing brewing machines for a major customer and has the capacity to produce 500,000 units a year.
Dr Marcel W. Hueppi, ESCATEC's Director of Beverage Systems
Dr. Marcel W. Hueppi, ESCATEC’s Director of Beverage Systems

“My job, which I am really looking forward to, is to bring in the new business to fill it and key to this is ESCATEC’s outstanding reputation for quality.  As a result, it has become the EMS of choice for major companies as their brand image depends on them having quality products.  The business segment of single serve beverage systems is still growing fast.  ESCATEC has the unique opportunity to enter this market and gain a significant share.”

Tea brewing is set to take off in the same way that coffee did a few years ago.  The key to great coffee is having the right pressure and flow, whereas the key to a great tasting tea is having the right temperature to extract the maximum flavour, which varies according to the tea type.  There are many other aspects to releasing the flavours, which provides plenty of scope for innovation, and ESCATEC has a head start having already worked on several single shot brewing projects for customers.
ESCATEC provides a fully integrated product design and manufacturing service that covers every stage from taking the initial idea for a product through R&D to product design, prototyping and then volume production in the company’s Asian facilities.  This integrated approach ensures that every step of the process dovetails together and that products are designed for manufacture from the very start during R&D.
The ESCATEC Group provides fully-integrated electronic and mechatronic design and manufacturing solutions to assist customers in achieving success in their market. Its one-stop solutions and best-in-class service enable companies around the world to operate more profitably, sustainably and efficiently. Founded in 1984, its history is full of innovation, which made it a first choice partner for many European and North American OEMs. The Swiss-owned company perfectly blends Swiss business philosophy and attention to quality, precision and detail with the advantage of low-cost, mass-volume manufacturing capabilities in its Asian factories.
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