ENRG Launches VideoChure—Its Offering For Unique Mode Of Marketing & Communication

~ Comes with customized high quality LCD display, memory capacity and superior Lithium Polymer cells~


New Delhi,India,2015: ENRG, a consumer lifestyle electronics company has launched VideoChure—its brand of high-end video brochures. VideoChure is designed to attract customer attention and do effective and impactful marketing & communications, promotional campaigns, unique way to invite, be it a corporate event, conferences or personal occasions like weddings or birthdays.VideoChure is designed to invite delegates through rich media embedded in these digital brochures which play the moment they are opened. The communication becomes more effective and clear through moving images, texts, videos, sound and music.

The advantages of ENRG VideoChure is that comes with high quality LCD display screens for enhanced clarity and performance, premium quality customized products with excellent print quality and finesse, easy plug and play interface, it has superior Lithium Polymer cells for longer and reliable playtime and has rich sound quality for impactful message delivery.

“This is a new concept in India and one can customize these displays as brochures, invites, photo frame, name card and many more items as suitable to their business and personal needs. The best part is that the finished products with our high quality printing can be used an out-of-the-box and premium marketing and communications solutions,” said Nikul Raj Gupta, CEO, ENRG.

VideoChure provides customized size according to customer needs in terms of screen size, memory capacity and sub-product line. VideoChure passes high level ENRG quality checks to provide customers seamless experience.

For bulk booking please contact mobile number 8800220705 or alternatively email at info@enrg.in

About ENRG

ENRG, founded by Nikul Raj Gupta, CEO and Divij Choudhry, CTO, ENRG, two young techies, aims to provide a fun dimension to break the humdrum of your regular tech utilities. From rugged, water proof speakers, unique storage devices to lamps that float, ENRG have got all its products with an innovative touch to match your personality, mood and milieu.

Being smart is also about being responsible. Ecological degradation is our prime concern and mitigating the ecological footprint is in-built in our DNA. ENRG is promoted by its parent company RIMS Marketing Pvt. Ltd., an import project consultancy company.