Enamor launches a first of its kind app – Fabulous Valentine

enamourAn app that helps men find the perfect lingerie for their lady love


India, February, 2015: Keeping with the theme of their brand positioning- Fabulous as I am, Enamor is further empowering women with their new Fabulous Valentine app- https://www.facebook.com/EnamorIndia/app_849045995118263. With a simple click women can share hints with their boyfriends and husbands for beautiful , feminine and sensuous Enamor lingerie they desire this Valentine’s Day. This never-before -seen app is a novel and bold concept that allows the Indian woman to celebrate her fabulous-ness  with her boyfriend/husband.


Men always fret while buying lingerie for their lady love, there are many struggles that they face, whether it is the size, colour, design or style. With the Fabulous Valentine app, ladies all over the country can  share the product url with her loved one through Whatsapp, E-mail or Facebook. After entering the details on the app, an ad with the details of  the product that will be shared to one’s boyfriend/ husband via email and with a simple click, he will be redirected to the website.


As a brand Enamor is always looking at new and innovative ways to engage consumers- both men and women. The Fabulous Valentine app is a novel way of lingerie gifting , men don’t have to struggle to select lingerie and women don’t have to spend time returning and exchanging the lingerie bought for them!


Talking about the app , VP Marketing, Enamor India , Ms. Sandra Daniels said – ” We are so excited to  announce our Fabulous Valentine app, the first of its kind launched by any lingerie brand in the Indian market. Always looking at empowering women the app is a brand new concept for consumers in India. Instead of shying away from buying lingerie, ladies can now drop hints of the type of lingerie they want to their husbands and boyfriends. This is also a great way for us to engage consumers  via online platforms.


Click today (https://www.facebook.com/EnamorIndia/app_849045995118263) and share your lingerie wish list with your boyfriend/loved one . Log on to www.enamor.co.in to locate the nearest Enamor store near you.

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