EdTech Company, CogitoHub collaborates with acclaimed International Summer School to help its students make the right career decisions

New Delhi, 16 July 2018: For the second consecutive year, the International Summer School, convened under the banner of the Government’s acclaimed Incredible India campaign is collaborating with CogitoHub, an Education Technology company. CogitoHub specializes in helping students make Right Career Decisions and is partnering with International Summer School for a Special Career Program for its students. Through this Career Program, CogitoHub will provide its Career Assessments and Counselling to international students attending the program to help them make Right Decisions on Subjects, College Courses and Careers.

The International Summer School, New Delhi is an intensive six-week academic program that brings together students from leading universities across the world and aims at promoting international goodwill and cross-cultural dialogue.

This year’s program has seen participation from students of 20 different countries, including Afghanistan, Australia, Bhutan, Cambodia, Italy, Lebanon, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, Paraguay, Switzerland, Syria, the United Kingdom (UK), the United States of America (USA) and India, among others.

CogitoHub offers a range of Career Assessments contextually created for Students from Grades 8th–12th, College Students and Young Professionals. The output provides a detailed report with relevant recommendations based on a patented algorithm that classifies students across a unique combination of four Profiles (Builder, Communicator, Innovator, Enabler) by testing them on four parameters of behaviours, aptitude, motivations & interests.

Talking about the collaboration, Amjad Ali Khan, Founder & Director of International Summer School, New Delhi said, “Developing the leadership potential of its students is very much the primary objective of the International Summer School and CogitoHub’s expertise in helping guide these future leaders towards a career trajectory where they can excel, fits in very well with that objective. We are grateful to the CogitoHub team for taking the time to engage with these students from across the world and assessing them through a highly accurate & technologically superior exercise that they may not have ordinarily had the opportunity to partake in.”


CogitoHub has assessed over 35,000 Students the world over and the team has been working closely with schools in South Asia. Talking about the collaboration Kunal Sandhu, Founder & CEO, Talentel & CogitoHub said, “The International Summer School is an exalted international program that builds future global leaders and promotes international goodwill for India. CogitoHub is very proud to be associated with the International Summer School and we look forward to helping these students make informed decisions that will empower them to excel and succeed in their careers.”



About Talentel & CogitoHub:

CogitoHub (www.cogitohub.com) is a Career Decisions product within the portfolio of Talentel (Talent Intelligence). Talentel (www.talentel.com) is a holistic platform for Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Performance & Learning Management and Reward & Recognition. The platform is designed for its ease of use, powered by advanced frameworks & algorithms.

CogitoHub Career Decisions Platform empowers Students & Young Professionals to make right decisions about Subjects, College Courses & Careers. Through an online assessment of Behaviours, Aptitude, Motivations & Interests, each individual gets personalised recommendations.


About International Summer School, New Delhi:

The International Summer School, New Delhi (ISS, www.issnewdelhi.in) is an intensive, six-week academic program that brings together students from across the world over the course of a summer in New Delhi, India’s capital. The program is convened annually under the banner of the Government’s acclaimed Incredible India campaign and with regular support from the Ministry of External Affairs.

Now in its sixth year, the 2018 session of the International Summer School is scheduled to take place in July-August at the Nehru Memorial Museum & Library inside the historic Teen Murti Bhavan. Past ISS sessions between 2013 & 2017 have successfully taken place at the Jawaharlal Nehru University and Jamia Millia Islamia, another reputed Central University in New Delhi.