Edelweiss appoints Irrfan Khan the Face of the New Indian in its Business Loans Campaign

Irrfan echoes the #BeUnlimited spirit of Indian Entrepreneurs

Mumbai,  October 2017: Edelweiss Group, India’s leading diversified financial services conglomerate has signed global actor, Irrfan Khan, as the voice of the customer for its latest SME Business Loans campaign. Irrfan reflects the heart and mind of the New Indian entrepreneur, whose Go getter attitude and determination to succeed is legendary. This is basis customer research which revealed that  the new age entrepreneurs and business owners have tremendous faith and belief in their own efforts and hard work,  with a never-say-die mind set, despite not always getting the right business support.

Edelweiss empathises with this #CanDo belief system and in a gritty, hard hitting campaign – first seen outdoors, followed by a full-fledged 360 degree campaign including TV, Digital, Radio, Cinema, celebrates the #SpiritofEntrepreneurship of the new-age Indian entrepreneur and business owners who have tremendous faith and confidence in themselves and their endeavors, who  aspire to aim high, scale- up and exceed business goals, regardless of any limitations or hurdles.

“With a credibility that’s hard to rival, Irrfan’s versatility, wide appeal and authenticity, resonates with Edelweiss Group’s value proposition of #BeUnlimited – one that empowers its customers to access a world of unlimited opportunities,” said Shabnam Panjwani, CMO, Edelweiss Group. “A self-made man,  his connect with masses makes him the opportune voice for the Indian entrepreneur and business owner in the forthcoming Edelweiss Business Loans campaign.”

“Edelweiss was also born out of the determination to do something new, without the backing of any large business house. Both the founders left well paying jobs to pursue the financialisation of India post liberalization. The going wasn’t easy but they persevered and held on to their belief in the potential of the financial markets. Today, Edelweiss is one of India’s largest diversified financial services companies and I am delighted to be a part of this SME loans campaign, one which salutes and celebrates the Indian entrepreneur,” said actor  Irrfan Khan.

The offering encompasses loans for the small and medium sized businesses, home loans and other personal loans for the self- employed and SMEs by Edelweiss Retail Finance ).. Irrfan will potray the voice of the New Indian through a series of campaign across Loans, Insurance, investments focused on customers’ needs.