On the second day of WBCSummit, the 20th of May, World ICO Show took place at Cyber business space. It was the final step in building straight relations between blockchain projects and investors in Russia. The previous one was  Russia ICO Show, further awaits World Blockchain Show and IDACB plans to take a trip with projects through all global cryptocurrency hubs.

The Jury:

Maxim Chereshnev, International IDACB Secretary, member of IDACB Fund Supervisory Board;

Petr Dvoryankin, Founder of the international network for investors and experts in cyber economy CryptoLife.World, member of the Expert board at Russian State Duma;

Dmitry Belkov, Financial advisor, and crisis consultant;

Sergey Panin, Founder of charity fund «Poznanie,» top advisor, ICO legal consultant;

Anatoly Poedincev, co-founder of ICORating;

Alexey Voronin, founder of Crypto Valley.

23 projects had a chance to present to investors their ideas for 6 minutes, but many teams used only the one-third of their time. Experienced pitchers were fine with 3 and even 2 minutes, which shows the attitude to their preparations. The most outstanding in this were ICOs from France, US, and India. Unluckily, only a few Russian participants could handle the same.

The oddity was that many projects didn’t reveal their contacts, which resulted in confusion of the audience. The Jury and investors asked some of them to announce at least their e-mail. Nonetheless, the lack of communication was bringing the overall interest down. So it did for the Jury as well, which lowered the project’s worth. For experts, a miss of this opportunity was the sign of an amateur.

In case of Russia ICO Show, the Jury noted three best candidates (Third place — eCoinomic; Second place — Trecento, First — Romad), on World ICO Show the winner was supposed to be alone. The best project was to receive $100,000 from IDACB FUND to participate in one of World Blockchain Show Asian tours. However, the Jury did not consider only one and decided to select three best projects which will share the prize to choose themselves from any IDACB program.

That given, the awards are as follows:

3rd place — AI Innovation Japan, the largest ICO incubator in Japan, holding to aims which are close with the ones at IDACB: bringing the projects to the legal field. The award is $20,000

2nd place — KOYNCE, crypto exchange of next generation. Projects award is $30,000

1st place — Aitheon, a project in the fields of AI and robotics, awarded with $50,000

Especially noted by the Jury: AI Opinion, Bundle Network and again ROMAD. At some point, because these projects were already presented at Russia ICO Show in April and the progress can be reviewed. However for the ecsiting ideas as well.

The presentations of all World ICO Show pitchers are available here, and you can check them out and probably decide to participate.

IDACB is actively preparing for Asian Blockchain Roadshow, planned on June – July, and it’s to visit 10 countries in 20 days. You can apply for participation and partnership on the site.

IDACB Verification Program — a programme created particularly for blockchain projects, its purpose is to check if they are well qualified and adequate. For successfully verified projects there are «not-spam» and quality certificates, and IDACB will organize the Investment Relations.

IDACB — is International Decentralized Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain, the world leading non-commercial organization aiming to contribute to the international legalization of blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies, as well as to combine specialists’ experience and expertise on cryptocurrencies and blockchain from around the world.

The IDACB influence is assured by 90 member countries and not less than 30 more to join by July.

Members of the Association are counselors of first statesmen, official governments’ representatives, ministers and members of parliaments; recognized blockchain technology market experts, national and professional Associations from member countries and representatives of professional society. Partially, Russia is presented by Herman Klimenko.

ASIAN Blockchain Roadshow  — the largest ICO Show trip in Asia. 2 trips, 10 destination countries, 20 days and 20 projects from 15 participant countries. Soon to be sold out! “Gold” pitchers get pre-paid accommodation throughout the trip.