Ecoreco & BMC joins hands to set up E-Waste Collection Centers in Mumbai

Ecoreco Collection Centers to facilitate collection & disposal of E-waste

Mumbai, January 21, 2016: Eco Recycling Limited, India’s leading pioneering professional e-waste management and a BSE listed Company – popularly called as Ecoreco – has partnered with Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) to set up E-Waste Collection Centres within the jurisdiction of Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

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Pallavi Darade, Additional Municipal Commissioner, MCGM inaugurated the first Ecoreco Collection Centre at the junction of Mithibai College, V. M. Road, Vile Parle (West), Mumbai. Also present on the occasion were Mrs. BhavnaMengale, PrabhatSamiti Chairperson K/W ward,AmeetSatam, MLA, and Shri. Kiran Acharekar, Deputy Municipal Commissioner Zone IV, Shri. Parag Masurkar, Assistant Commissioner K/W ward, Shri. Ajay Patne, Assistant Engineer Solid Waste Management K/W ward and Mr. B. K. Soni, Chairman and Managing Director of Eco Recycling Limited.

This arrangement under the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Model between Eco Recycling Ltd and MCGM will facilitate collection of hazardous e-waste from generators of e-waste and get them disposed of in an environment friendly manner.

To begin with, Ecorecoproposes to set up 24 Collection Centres in the MCGM Region, which will be supported by thousands of Collection Bin (Eco-Bins), which will be strategically placed in spiritual and educational places. This arrangement will help in three ways: first, these bins and accumulated e-waste will remain safe at these places, secondly, these Eco-Bins will develop awareness about e-waste and third, generally most of the family members visits to the above places either daily or at certain intervals and therefore they can deposit their e-waste there without walking extra mile.

On the occasion, saidPallaviDarade, Additional Municipal Commissioner,MCGM, “We are delighted to partner with Ecoreco, which India’s pioneering E-Waste management Company. The city of Mumbai needs systematic channels of E-Waste Collection Centres, as Mumbai is the highest E-waste generating city in the country. Not only the collection of E-Waste, but its scientific disposal needs a great attention. Ecoreco, owing to its rich expertise in the field, came to our support to find a solution to this problem. Under this partnership, we will facilitate Ecoreco Collection Centres in the City, which will collect and facilitate disposal of E-Waste in a scientific manner. I urge to people of Mumbai to extensively use these Centres to dispose off their E-Waste.”

Mr. B. K. Soni, Chairman and Managing Director of Eco Recycling Limited and a visionary in the field of E-Waste management, “In the present scenario, where environment conscious people are forced to retain their e-waste at home or offices because of the lack of pollution-free system in place. We are thankful to MCGM for conceptualizing this nice idea and selecting Ecoreco to implement. This is the first centre to begin with and going forward, we will make such centres available at all the wards of the city for the convenience of general public and environment conscious entities.

Adding further, he said, “Hazardous elements of e-waste in one or the other form keep entering in to our body because of un-environment friendly disposal. Ecoreco does not suggest reduction of use of electronic devises but certainly appeal to one & all for its environment friendly disposal.”

In the recent past, Ecoreco set up Ecoreco bins in various public places like schools, colleges, temples, churches, etc. for disposal of E-waste.