Ecojesuit: Global Jesuit collaboration and action on environment as relationship

Jesuit responses to a rapidly changing world, environmental concerns, poverty, and violence are challenging its worldwide ministries.  There clearly is a need to initiate new processes for broader engagement by Jesuits in the larger transformation that Pope Francis seeks in caring for creation in Laudato Si’.  As the message of GC 36 and the conversations with the Holy Father spread, reflection is quietly deepening and this is where Ecojesuit wishes to strategically respond.

Previously referred to as the Global Ignatian Action Network (GIAN)-Ecology, Ecojesuit facilitates engagements among Jesuit social, educational and pastoral institutes, as well as other religious congregations and the Church, to address Laudato Si’s broad call for action and collaboration with others in reconciliation in the world.  And to achieve this, Ecojesuit pursues the following actions at three levels:

  • Promoting global cooperation through dialogue to discern on the role of values and civil society in achieving effective change, with the scientific community and with belief systems
  •     Accompanying regional actions through collaboration to encourage links with regional networks and with diverse stakeholders
  •     Supporting local initiatives through networking to strengthen local efforts in ecological conversion and meeting the needs of people

Ecojesuit themes-

Ecojesuit identified 10 contemporary themes to focus the work and use as a basis to strengthen broader collaboration through experiences in relation to these themes.  This thematic listing is not comprehensive but is an effort to synthesize actions already taking place.

Many of these themes call for major adjustments in how we think and accompany others as we respond and these in turn impact how we approach themes of global sustainability.  All are linked but there is a creativity that is emerging that is influencing our education, our spirituality, our use of science, communications and global networking with much greater integrity and sense of service.

The 10 Ecojesuit themes are:

  1. Ecojesuit Online (sign on please)
  2. Organic Farming and Land Use Change (including Ecclesial Networking for Land Use and Indigenous Peoples)
  3. Disaster Risk Reduction and Water
  4. Healing Earth, Living Text
  5. Flights for Forests and the Carbon Challenge 
  6. Energy and Fossil Fuel Divestments
  7. Lifestyle Initiatives, using SDGs Local to Global
  8. Laudato Si’and Spirituality of Action
  9. Science and Values
  10. Initiatives in relation to global processes, such as the annual UN Climate Change Conference and in 2017 will be held in Bonn, Germany under the Presidency of Fiji

Ecojesuit, initiated by the Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC) and the Jesuit Conference Asia Pacific (JCAP), is an online communication currently in Spanish, English, and French, open to all who share in this vision and action.

For more information, please connect to –

Jesuit European Social Centre (JESC)
Hoornstraat 51 Rue du Cornet
B-1040 Brussels