eBay India launches its latest social media campaign

ebayEncourages consumers to ‘Find your world on eBay India’


Mumbai, May 16, 2014: eBay India (www.ebay.in), India’s leading eCommerce marketplace, has unveiled its latest campaign to target digital consumers in the country. Aimed at the young, internet-savvy generation, the digital media campaign encourages consumers to explore new possibilities, discover new interests and fulfil their latent dreams by finding their world on eBay India.

The campaign begins with the launch of a video created exclusively for eBay India channels on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. It features a young man who has lost his memory and begins #ProjectDiscover to identify his interests. It depicts his journey from being a confused youngster to finding his world on eBay India.

Ms. Shivani Dhanda, Head Marketing, eBay India says “Our new campaign has been created specifically for internet-savvy youngsters to encourage product discovery on eBay India. We have the largest variety of products across 2,000 categories in Electronic, Lifestyle, Media and Collectible categories. The campaign aims to encourage consumers to continuously explore new interests to discover their true passions and interests, helping them find their world on eBay India.”


To engage deeper with their audience, eBay India will also host a contest on Twitter with the hashtag #iDidItList, asking users to share that ‘One crazy thing they last did for the first time’.

Storyboard of the video

The campaign begins with the video of a youngster who has lost his memory and does not know much about himself. His girlfriend encourages him to discover new interests and dreams by trying activities such as photography, playing the guitar, boxing etc. He shops for these products to ascertain his true calling and gradually finds his world on eBay India.

About eBay India

eBay India ( www.ebay.in ), India’s leading eCommerce marketplace, is India’s No. 1 online shopping destination where thousands of Indian entrepreneurs list a wide range of products across Electronics, Lifestyle, Collectibles and Media categories. eBay India is a 100% subsidiary of eBay Inc.