Easily scan and share texts with the new app Scanny

Scanny icon - 300 dpi cmyk

The free iPhone app Scanny allows users to digitize texts from books, brochures, documents or other information carriers. Photographed copy is easily converted into editable text (image to text). These texts can be shared with others through various digital channels.

Nothing is more wonderful than a full bookcase. Poetry that moves you deeply, thrillers that make you sweat, a textbook that really opens your eyes. A cupboard full of emotions. The only thing is: it’s difficult to share that one beautiful paragraph, quote or page with your friends. Scanny offers a solution. The new iPhone app allows users to digitize texts from paper or other surfaces, and quickly send these around.

The free app works on OCR-technology (Optical Character Recognition). This technology recognizes characters through the built-in phone camera and converts them into digital, editable text. By focusing the camera on a text, the words will ‘flow’ into your screen. The gathered information can quickly and easily be sent to others through mail, SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook or other channels.

Scanny is not just suitable for sharing information. It’s also possible to archive texts within the app. Scanned texts can be saved in different formats (PDF, TXT, PNG). These documents can be arranged within the app as the user pleases. The content is searchable, so it’s easy to find back the document that you’re looking for. The files can also be stored in external digital environments, such as Dropbox or Evernote. Scanny can be used in countless ways. Consider scanning amounts on invoices, transferring book texts for a summary, or forwarding information from a holiday brochure.

Scanny not only saves a lot of time, but it also makes sharing knowledge accessible and fun. It’s an advanced scan app that’s easy to work with. There is a free Scanny version with limited use of OCR, watermarks on PNG & PDF files, and limited available digits when sharing via SMS or e-mail. For a small amount ($0,99) you can unlock all the greatness Scanny has to offer and make unlimited use of its features. Download the free version here and the paid version here.