Dutch Consulate General and Brand Dialogue showcase the art of Design & Branding

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Mumbai, November 21, 2013:  Dutch brand communications consultancy Brand Dialogue collaborates with the Consulate General of the Netherlands in Mumbai for a unique Design & Branding seminar.  This joint initiative, which emphasizes a new vision targeting design and branding solutions for India, was held on Nov 19 in Mumbai.

Brand Dialogue, which recently announced its entry into the Indian market, is being graciously accepted by Indian companies for its international approach. The Brand Dialogue seminar is offered in collaboration with four renowned Dutch creative agencies, Fabrique, Globrands, THEY and Yellow Dress Retail. Speaking about the seminar, CEO & Founder of Brand Dialogue, Willem Woudenberg, said: “With the highly competitive scenario in the market today, it becomes crucial for brands to showcase their exclusivity and I believe design and branding play an eminent role here. Companies investing in design and branding invest in their future, are more innovative, develop stronger client relations and will make more profit”.

The Dutch Consulate General emphasizes that India offers a wide variety of opportunities. This is reflected in a decades-long tradition of bilateral trade between both countries; The Netherlands is currently the 4th largest investor in India, India is the 5th largest investor in The Netherlands. The Netherlands is the 4th most innovative country in the world and through its business partnerships over the years, Dutch expertise has been introduced in many sectors of the Indian economy. Whereas design and branding in The Netherlands is widely developed and has become key to corporate success, the Indian creative sector leaves room for exploitation.  The Design & Branding seminar offers the principles that make brands effective today and creates awareness of how to circumvent pitfalls. Insights from experts reveal how to bridge the gap between understanding the basics of branding and the actual execution.

Mr. Woudenberg was supported by a team of panelists, comprising of Mr. Vishal Jhunjhunwala, Head Corporate Brand TATA-TCS, Mr. Shireesh Joshi, COO Strategic Marketing Group at Godrej and Mr. Manish Agarwal, CEO Reliance Entertainment (Digital).

Mr. Shireesh Joshi, COO Strategic Marketing Group at Godrej, said: “Indian brands are increasingly competing internationally, with international competitors domestically, and seeking to win consumers whose sensibilities are being increasingly trained by international exposure. There is a need to learn from and appropriately adopt international design imagination in their products and presence. Dutch design firms will have a role to play not just in such creation but building the culture and discipline of executing great design to delight consumers.”

The evening was wrapped up by workshop sessions by the four Dutch creative agencies associated with Brand Dialogue on an appealing topic- ‘How branding (really) works’.  Brand Dialogue’s journey in India is supported by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and the Dutch Consulate General in Mumbai. With its specialized agencies, Brand Dialogue holds to its credit, association with clients like Philips, Delhi Airport, Heineken, Metro, Business World, DSM, Hema and Spar, among others.

About Brand Dialogue

Brand Dialogue is a Dutch brand & design consultancy offering innovative branding, design and communication solutions. With offices in Amsterdam, Delhi & Mumbai, Brand Dialogue in India comes with international expertise which can be accessed locally. Collaborating with leading Dutch design firms Brand Dialogue, offers strength in various branding specialisms: visual & digital branding, naming, advertising, retail and product design.

For more information, please visit- http://www.branddialogue.eu/


About The kingdom of the Netherlands, Mumbai

The Netherlands sets great store by their relations with India. Improvement of bilateral trade is a core activity of the Kingdom of the Netherlands as it is the 4th largest investor in India. India, in its turn, is the 5th largest investor in The Netherlands. As an excellent business partner for India and the 4th most innovative country in the world, not only thorough knowledge of the creative industries contributes to this relationship. Expertise in water management, logistics and the agricultural sector play a prominent role here as well.