Dutch blockchain company launches LegalFling: an app that logs explicit sexual consent

Today, Dutch software company LegalThings One – specializing in smart contracts using blockchain technology – launches LegalFling: an app that logs explicit sexual consent. The app is a practical solution for the implications of Sweden’s plans to change the rape legislation, requiring explicit consent of both partners before sexual contact.

Following the #metoo anti-harassment campaign, Sweden is moving closer to making changes to its rape laws that would require people to get explicit consent before sexual contact. But changing the law is not enough. To make the law succeed, it also requires an easy way to legally document the consent. The app LegalFling is a smart solution for the practical implications of the law in people’s daily lives. Rick Schmitz, CEO of LegalThings and creator of LegalFling: “Asking someone to sign a contract before having sex is a little uncomfortable. With LegalFling, a simple swipe to consent is enough to legally justify the fling.”

The law proposed in Sweden is a great gesture, but is merely symbolic as it is, in the absence of witnesses, usually impossible to prove that there was an agreement or not. LegalFling proposes an easy solution to this problem : you ask for consent through the app and indicate upfront what the do’s and don’t are in the bedroom. You accept or decline with the swipe of a finger. A lot easier than putting on protection.

In case you agree to taking pictures in the bedroom, you can also explicitly agree that none may be shared at anytime with anyone afterwards. LegalFling attaches a penalty clause to this agreement. This makes taking your fling to court later a lot easier.. “This probably does not apply to 99.9% of the users. But please bear in mind this can happen to anyone. And you are totally helpless when it happens. The (social) life of the subject person is never the same afterwards. This app provides a helping hand for these situations.”, says Schmitz.

“It was actually quite a simple use case to make LegalFling. We recently launched Live Contracts, a platform for building and executing legally binding agreements on the blockchain. With the LegalFling app we continue to prove that making an agreement is not about putting generic legal text on a piece of paper. An agreement is a part of human interaction and something you continuously use. With LegalFling you don’t have the feeling that you are making a contract. Sending a LegalFling feels more like sending a Whatsapp message that indicates privileges, but in fact you are legally consenting to sexual activity.

The LegalThings One foundation launched the website to subscribe for the app today. The LegalFling app will be free and made available for iOS and Android. For more information go to legalfling.io

About LegalThings One Foundation

LegalThings One is a platform for creating and running legally binding agreements and digitizing law in the blockchain. The platform enables people to participate in the legal system without the need to rely on a lawyer, organization or government your dealing with. Find more information on www.livecontracts.io.