World-renowned artist to create unique jewellery of debuting designers

‘Niqab – A Legacy to Treasure’, designed by Harshmi Sheth, winner, Gemstone of the Year Jewellery Design Award category


Stunning jewellery designs selected by the Emerging Jewellery Design Awards jury will be brought to life and available on display at Dubai International Jewellery Week next month (7-10 December).

Maha Al Sibai, an internationally acclaimed jewellery designer and one of the Awards judges based in Dubai, said that Arabic crafts have been the underlining key trend in the submitted designs this year.

“All entries were unique and we noticed that many of them were inspired by Arabic art and crafts with elements of ornamental and geometric lines often seen in carpet artistry.”

‘Perneck’ by Marjan Shakeri, winner, Cultural-Inspired Jewellery Design Award catgeory

The pieces, designed by three international winners and chosen from a pool of over 300 regional and international entries, will be manufactured by Al Sibai and available for purchase during the show hosted at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC).

Awarded in three different categories, the winning designs included ‘Niqab – A Legacy to Treasure,’ designed by Harshmi Sheth from India, who won the gemstone category; ‘Perneck’ by Marjan Shakeri and ‘Dazzling Choker’ by Paria Garshasbi, who won the freestyle imaginative and cultural-inspired jewellery categories, respectively.

“The designer of ‘Niqab – A Legacy to Treasure’ used the pear shaped stone to show a face of a woman wearing a traditional Arabic veil which has never been done before,” said Al Sibai.

“Paria Garshasbi, on the other hand, used gold to create lines, flowing down from the choker like a waterfall with water sparkles depicted by precious stones, giving it both dazzling and calming effect.”

“The cultural-inspired design by Marjan Shakeri employs simple lines that represent Persian art motives making it an amazing and unforgettable piece.”

Al Sibai believes that the Emerging Jewellery Design Awards provide young and emerging artists with a unique opportunity for exposure to both local and international jewellery collectors.

Dazzling Choker’ by Paria Garshasbi, winner, Freestyle Imaginative Jewellery Design Award category

She said: “Introducing talented debutants to the public at large has been an extremely rewarding experience and I am excited to be working with such imaginative and inspiring debutants. They never fail to surprise me with unique designs that stand out and stay in my memory for long.”

The winners will be officially presented with the Awards at a glamorous gala reception on the first day of the show (7 December) at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

Overall, the exhibition will showcase more than 10,000 jewellery designs from around the world and feature jewellery and fashion master classes and workshops during which participants will have an exclusive opportunity to learn the best ways of complimenting a variety of outfits with jewellery from leading stylists, fashionistas, and expert bloggers.

Admission to the Dubai International Jewellery Week is free to the general public, while anyone under 16 must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The show is open from 2:00pm to 10:00pm daily, with the exception of Friday 9 December when doors open at 3:00pm. To find out the latest show information, visit or follow the event on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.