Dr Bhavna Gupta, Principal, Asnani Pearson School Bhopal  honoured with Pearson Excellence Award 2015

Asnani Pearson School  has carved a niche for itself in the field of education

Pearson Excellence Award 2015

Dr. (Mrs.) Bhavna Gupta,  Principal of Asnani Pearson School, Bhopal honoured with prestigious “ Pearson Excellence Award”. The award is given annually at the Pearson Annual Conference to promote leadership quality to reward the deserving schools, principals and area heads for their work over the annual academic season. The forum, where Pearson School leaders come together, learn and share good practice and they get to enhance their leadership skills by interacting with Domain Experts.  Mrs. Gupta was awarded for her excellent performance amongst the peers from all over the country.



Pearson Schools is a part of Pearson, the world’s leading learning company. With over 21,000 students across 18 cities in the country, Pearson Schools is one of the fastest growing chains of schools in India with the vision to create future-ready global youth who will enhance society through their scholastic achievements, exceptionally honed life skills and holistic overall development.

Mr. Jaisooraj Nambiar, Chairman, Asnani Pearson School, Bhopal said that ” Our School principal Dr. (Mrs.) Bhavna Gupta is a hard working, proactive and blessed with excellent leadership quality, whose primary focus is to serve the school to its best. Due to her friendly and loving nature teachers as well as students find her company the best. Because of the easy  approach, personality, she finds it easy to communicate with both the students and teachers about the academic milestones to be endeavoured. Asnani School gained high reputation under her leadership”.


On receiving this award Dr. (Mrs.) Bhavna Gupta said, “I feel very proud yet thankful to have earned this reward. I would like to thank my hard-working staffs and students to help me achieve the goal I always dreamt of. I shall keep working for the betterment of school management and development of overall growth of the student studying here”.

Pearson Schools manage, operate and deploy the best infrastructural facilities and provide tremendous opportunities for students to excel in academic, literary, social and cultural skills alike.