DPGITM Engineering College organizes a Seminar on ‘Improving concentration skills’

DPGITM – Engineering College organized seminar on ‘Improving concentration skills’ at its campus. During the seminar the students who recently topped in Maharishi Dayanand University were awarded by the college management. The occasion was graced by Chairman Rajendra Gahlot along with Vice chairman – Deepak Gahlot, principle J.S. Mahanwal, Colonel MK Pant, CL Kapoor and other faculty members and 120 students.

 Topper students of DPGITM with Principal- J S Mehenwal and other faculty members

Principal, JS Mahnwal, said “The hard work of students has made us proud. However, our focus is on the fact that students should not put too much pressure on themselves just to achieve good rankings. They should also focus on enjoying the subject and having fun while they learn.”

DPGITM’s Chairman Rajender Gahlot said, “The topper students inspire their fellow students and juniors to perform better. Concentration comes only after repeated attempts on part of the students to understand a subject thoroughly. You can understand a subject thoroughly only when you are not afraid of asking questions related to the subject.”

Students were quite excited to receive the awards and one of the toppers Akash Mishra said, “My focus was on having a well-balanced approach to my studies. I love the subject and am passionate about it, and thus was able to achieve a good rank. One should choose a subject based on one’s passion for it, rather than how much scope the subject has.”

And this is where the students from DPGITM stood in the rankings. Amit Saini from Mechanical branch scored 77.74 %(3rdsem) and stood 26th in MDU. Next was Akash Mishra who stood a joint 36th with Arjun with 76.78% (also from Mechanical Engg. 3rd sem).Sumit Chaudhary from Electrical branch (3rd sem) also stood 36th in his category with 70.60%, while Heena Sejwal from Computer Science Engg.(1st sem) stood 42nd with 76.45%.

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