Premiering on February 9th, every Monday- Friday at 10 PM

Crucifixion Silhouetted at SunsetDiscovery Science, India’s only 24-hour channel dedicated to making science programming relevant and entertaining presents a new series- ORIGINS. The fast-paced series will explore the remarkable origin of hundreds of the world’s most influential inventions, , products, games, and ideas from various fields of life.


ORIGINSwill premiere on 9th February, and will air every Monday to Friday at 10 PM, only on Discovery Science.


Each episode will take viewers behind the unique beginnings of things that have baffled human minds – How did a helicopter come into existence? How did a bow and arrow evolve to the gun and further evolve to today’s revolutionary weapons? Viewers will find out the amazing stories behind each of these in ORIGINS.


It is not only the origins of objects and inventions that the series will reveal. ORIGINS will also take an in-depth look into phenomenon such as evolution and physiological effects of humour, execution from crucifixion to lethal injection and the evolution of television technology over the years.


To find out the incredible back-stories about some regular as well as unusual things, watch ORIGINS only on Discovery Science!