Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus Mumbai

Mumbai, November 27th, 2015: Discovery Channel presents a spectacular series that will explore the ‘everyday miracle’ of world’s busiest railway station, the iconic and          UNESCO World Heritage Site, Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CST) in Mumbai. The programme MUMBAI RAILWAY will go behind the scenes of CST’s super-sized transport operation to reveal how the station’s staff and technological systems cope as they are stretched to maintain Mumbai’s lifeline on a daily basis.

Built by the British in 1887 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee, the CST pulls over trains in and out of its 18 platforms, on local and long distance routes, carrying around eight million passengers every single day – that is more than people travelling on the entire British railway network.

The four part series, MUMBAI RAILWAY will premiere on December 7th and air every Monday at 9 PM on Discovery Channel. The programme will take viewers through the lives of the men and women who keep the Mumbai Railways running; from the station managers, to the controllers in the operations room, the engine drivers, guards, policemen and porters amongst others. The viewers will get unprecedented insights into the functioning of Mumbai Railways as they overcome huge logistical challenges, day after day.

Rahul Johri, EVP and GM-South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Channel has been entertaining and inspiring viewers in India for the last 20 years with the finest range of factual programmes. MUMBAI RAILWAY will bring fore compelling story of the megacity Mumbai – its station and its transport challenges. The series will showcase the diverse network and its amplified scale like never before.”

MUMBAI RAILWAY will explore the scientific, technological, historical, and human-interest stories from across Mumbai’s sprawling suburban network. The programme will showcase how Mumbai Railways has come to become the pulse of the Mumbai commuters irrespective of the heavy monsoons, the crazy rush and the cringing space constraints.

It will offer due credence to the people behind the functioning of the railways and showcase how the team work against the clock before the train resumes its journey. The programme will offer viewers to discover the locations around the city which contribute to these processes – the massive industrial kitchen which supplies the meals and the new, automated laundry which washes and presses bed sheets.

MUMBAI RAILWAY will also the showcase the future for CST and Indian Railways including expanded capacity by making train and platforms longer, building new lines and bringing into server a new double decker train.

Get ready to see the interesting story of story of the megacity of Mumbai – the CST station, its functioning and its challenges starting December 7 at 9 PM onwards.

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