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New Delhi, 04 February 2016: Discovery Channel will premiere ‘INDIA’S FRONTIER RAILWAYS’, the spectacular series exploring the journey of passengers on the international trains that connect India to Pakistan, Nepal and Bangladesh. The unique three part series will showcase the heartwarming stories of reunion, cultures, history and journey of people across borders. With an unprecedented access to film the international trains, Discovery Channel will premiere the special line-up INDIA’S FRONTIER RAILWAYS on February 11, 2016 and air every Thursday at 9 PM.

For the first time ever, Discovery Channel will take viewers on an exploratory journey highlighting the passenger’s hopes, needs and desires from three international trains that connects the borders and people.

Commenting on the series, Rahul Johri, EVP and GM-South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific said, “Discovery Channel is delighted to present the incredible history of India’s cross border trains and their significant role in connecting the people and the nations. The audience will have a heartwarming viewing experience as they will get the opportunity to watch the three trains traverse through India’s borders in Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.”

INDIA’S FRONTIER RAILWAYS will take the viewers through the fascinating journey of people whose lives are entwined with these international trains, to understand what makes them so exceptional. Steeped in trust and love, each one-hour long episode will offer viewers a first-account narration of people whose work and travel depend on these trains.

While on the face of it, these trains seem to be connecting India to its neighbours, there is much more to it than meets the eye. The first episode is on MAITREE EXPRESS, connecting India and Bangladesh, a train that takes 12 hours to make the 392 km journey from Kolkata to Dhaka and staffing on the train is almost the same on both sides of the border. These people speak the same language, share a history and they all love fish. The episode will take the viewers through a journey that unites BENGAL.

THE LAST TRAIN IN NEPAL will showcase the train that crosses the border between India and Nepal along a line that runs for 20 miles from Janakpur to the Indian junction of Jaynagar. It will also reveal how the line is now under threat of closure following a starvation of funds from the Indian government, which has left the train and the track in a state of disrepair. This episode will showcase the community alongside the border and railway workers who are struggling every day to keep their train and their hopes alive.

India's Frontier Railways

The third episode of the series is on THE SAMJHAUTA EXPRESS, a unique and heart-warming film that reconnects families, cultures and history. Viewers will get to see Bilal and his father who are seeking medical treatment in India, along with hockey champion Rahat Khan who is travelling to play an international match. The episode will also highlight on Guru Nanak’s birthday, the railway runs special train across the border to the Guru’s birthplace in Pakistan.

The extraordinary tale of re-connecting the Indian sub-continent and its people, INDIA’S FRONTIER RAILWAYS will also premiere on DISCOVERY TAMIL and DISCOVERY HD WORLD on February 11 at 9 PM.

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