Discover Stories and Treasures at StoryLTD Weekly Auctions

storyDiscover Stories and Treasures at StoryLTD Weekly Auctions


~ First-of-its-kind online auctions in India to be held on a weekly basis ~

~ No-reserve sales featuring unique and affordable art, collectibles, and more ~

~ A collector’s bargain ~


New Delhi, 6th July 2015:  Starting July, launches an exciting new programme of weekly online auctions. Besides being a platform for collectors to bid on some of the finest artists in the country, StoryLTD Weekly Auctions is a chance for art enthusiasts to find something truly unique for their homes, at prices as low as Rs. 1,575 ($25).


Each week brings a new collection of carefully curated works, ranging from Modern and Contemporary art, traditional Folk and Tribal art, to antiquities, fine interiors and vintage film posters. A unique aspect of these auctions is its ‘no-reserve’ prices, which are driven towards providing bidders with affordable art and collectibles that they can invest in, collect and display.


Since April 2014, has conducted 21 no-reserve online auctions and generated more than Rs. 17 crores ($2.8 million) in sales. Minal Vazirani of said, “Within a period of one year, has managed to establish itself as the largest source for highly curated art, paintings, jewellery, antiquities, collectibles and unique accessories in the online auction space in India. By introducing this new property of weekly online auctions, we want to keep our audiences continuously engaged with great art, that is affordable as it is unique. If you’re lucky, you could find an extraordinary work of art at an attractive price. On, we believe that art is meant to be seen, not stored.”


What the Weekly Auctions have on offer this month:


  • NO-RESERVE AUCTION OF MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY ART (JUL 07-08, 2015):com brings together the stalwarts of Modern and Contemporary art in this sale. Immerse yourself in the rich landscapes of Ram Kumar, Ramkinkar Baij, Manu Parekh; marvel at the human figure in the works of M.F. Husain, Shibu Natesan, F.N. Souza, Krishen Khanna, Thota Vaikuntam; and unearth new possibilities in the works of Baiju Parthan, Sohan Qadri, Sadanand Shirke, Arpana Caur. There’s a story to be discovered in every work.



  • NO-RESERVE AUCTION OF FOLK AND TRIBAL ART (JUL 14-15, 2015): This auction brings together significant indigenous art practices that have remained relatively shadowed from the limelight—visually arresting Gond and Bhil paintings by Durga Bai and Lado Bai of Madhya Pradesh, Warli etchings by the Mashes of Maharashtra, picchwais that pay homage to the gods, and stories of tribal life in patachitras, are just a few of the many works we have on offer.



  • ‘BAADSHAHS OF BOLLYWOOD’ | NO-RESERVE AUCTION OF BOLLYWOOD MEMORABILIA (JUL 28-29, 2015): From Bollywood’s quintessential angry young man, Amitabh Bachchan, to Raj Kapoor and his classic romantic expressions—we have it all. Indian cinema’s most “Yaadgaar” heroes and villains come together in this sale, featuring film posters, lobby cards, publicity stills and much more.



Catalogues for all auctions can be viewed on


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