Space Month  Space Shuttle in hangar at Udvar Hazy Center Washington

New Delhi, 29 October 29, 2015: What’s it like to leave earth to explore the unknown? How does it feel to be in space? At times, some images caught by satellites in space defy explanation.  The idea of something so mysterious and overwhelmingly powerful has always fascinated humans.

Join Discovery Science’s SPACE MONTH to explore the space and uncover the mysteries of the universe.  Airing Monday to Friday at 9 pm on Discovery Science, SPACE MONTH will take viewers on a voyage to rediscover the universe and its attractions, the Earth orbit and will offer a deeper understanding of the cosmos.

Premiering on November 2nd, SPACE MONTH will chart its journey into the unknown with WHAT ON EARTH?  Watching us from space, satellites orbit the Earth at 17,000 miles an hour, capturing images of our world that are breath taking, but some can be bizarre. Such photographs force the question, what on Earth is that? The series will use state of the art technology satellites to find structures and cities lost for thousands of years. One image could be the vital clue to the location of the Garden of Eden, another would reveal the Amazonian golden city of El Dorado, and much more.

Rahul Johri, EVP & GM-South Asia, Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific, said, “Discovery Science challenges viewers to look beyond the known and intrigues them to question everything. SPACE MONTH will give viewers a dynamic and immersive tour of the most extreme forces the universe has to offer. The programming special is bound to leave the viewers mesmerized.”

 Space Month  Space Voyages - Mars Rover

SPACE MONTH will feature the following programmes:

IN SPACE: 50 YEARS OF SPACE EXPLORATION will offer an in-depth analysis chronicling 50 years of unique achievements in space and exciting developments for the future.

UNRAVELING THE COSMOS will take an immersive 3D tour of the vast scale and extreme distances in our universe.

SPACE VOYAGES will bring to light projects including Explorer, Ranger, Mariner and Surveyor that have been the unsung heroes in the story of space.

ONE GIANT LEAP – Interviews with the surviving astronauts, families, and other key players, along with stunning high-definition NASA films and never-before-seen home movie collections, transport viewers back in time to discover a fascinating, untold story of the man’s journey to the moon.

WHAT ON EARTH?  – Six breath-taking images, six unfathomable mysteries; from a gigantic tsunami hundreds of feet high that never hits land, to a secret underground base in China and has an image from space finally revealed the location of the Garden of Eden? Massive tsunamis that disappear without trace, a sinister blood-red lake in war-torn Baghdad and a whirlpool in the ocean the size of Connecticut… experts and witnesses investigate, analysing the sites on the ground ‘WHAT ON EARTH’ goes in search of answers; trying to unravel these mysteries, captured from space.