Dire Straits Experience enthrall Gurgaon with tunes of the 80s, as they play for a cause

Gurugram, India-NewsPatrolling.com : It was a riveting and memorable night last weekendat Leisure Valley Park in Sector 29, as Dire Straits Experience strummed the strings and magically transported adoring fans to the era of musical genius that was evident in the 1980s and 90s. It was the time when vocalist guitarist Mark Knopfler and his British rock band Dire Straits had acquired cult status and commanded the love and admiration of millions of fans across the globe. Knopfler fans must have certainly missed him in Gurgaon last weekend, but there was still plenty in store for the night, as Dire Straits Experience included Dire Straits’ original members Chris White (sax, flute, percussion, vocals) and Chris Whitten (drums) supported in the lead by Terence Reis (Lead Vocals and Guitar).

The opening track of the concert was ‘telegraph road’ from the album ‘Love over Gold’ by Dire Straits, released in 1982. There were many among the crowd who had grown up listening to this track, and now hearing it live was an altogether new experience, something that brought back pleasant memories of the past. As the concert progressed, the connect between the band and the crowd grew stronger, as thousands of swaying fans joined vocalist Terence Reis and the rest of the band to sing several songs together. The tempo had started to build and halfway into the performance, it was time to bring out the best of Dire Straits, which included popular tracks from the album ‘Brothers in Arms’. It became evident what the crowd loved most when the track ‘Walk of Life’ was played, which is probably one of the most popular tracks in the album. It was during this time that the decibel levels among the cheering, singing fans appeared to be getting forever louder. Other tracks from the album were also played and there was a solo performanceas well by Chris White on the saxophone, which really captivated the crowd.

Just when it seemed that the concert has ended, as band members started taking a bow, there were passionate, energetic shouts from the crowd for “one more” “one more”. The band obliged and came up with the showstopper of the concert ‘Money for Nothing’, the iconic track by Dire Straits. The track attracted loud cheers from the crowd and band members repeated specific segments in a loop for the ultimate delight of delirious fans. Reis thanked the crowd at the end of the concert and said that they will be back for more. The next concert will be in Bengaluru.

The live performance by Dire Straits Experience in Gurgaon will be remembered, as it was the British band’s first stage gig in the country. Great music has always been the hallmark of the band and this performance was even special since it will support an important social cause. Aptly named ‘Play for a Cause’, the concert, sponsored by 100 Pipers, seeks to provide sustainable drinking water to villagers in the State of Rajasthan. It was great to see the power of music being utilized to transform lives and make a difference to society.

Even the band members were excited about this new journey, where they can harness their musical prowess, not just to entertain, but also to make a tangible difference in the lives of people who struggle every day for even the most basic of human needs. The Play for a Cause initiative by 100 Pipers has been working with more than 400 leading artists and has been instrumental in providing support to various social causes. This time, with Dire Straits Experience, the plan is to provide better quality of water for drinking, sanitation, irrigation and livestock in villages in Rajasthan. A part of the proceeds generated from ticket sales will be used to launch the social project.