DentaCoin to Revolutionize Global Dental Industry

Dentacoin (DCN) is the first ever, Ethereum-based token, customized for the Global Dental Industry. In simple words, it is a digital currency that is catered to dentistry. Dentacoin, a Netherlands based, blockchain oriented healthcare platform, is on its way to improve dental care across the world, making it incredibly affordable by leveraging upon blockchain advantages. The company believes that one of the ways to reshape the future of dental care lies in empowering the patients for playing an active role in industry development process. The pilot Dentacoin project (Trusted Review Platform) was developed as the first tamper-resistant, transparent, and manipulation-proof platform. Dentacoin ERC20 token is being used by thousands of users worldwide, after the end of successful, hard-capped presale of Dentacoin tokens on July 31, 2017.

“Partner Dental Clinics” to Apply Dentacoin

Partner Dental Clinics implemented Dentacoin as a mode of payment and part of its Patient Loyalty Programs. The very first experience demonstrated a highly prosperous future of Dentacoin.

The Novel Concept Behind Dentacoin

Dentacoin’s pilot project is the first of its kind, blockchain-based place for trusted dental treatment reviews. By developing and executing this platform, Dentacoin enables patients to raise their concerns. At the same time, dentists also get an access to updated, valuable market research data as well as qualified patient feedback, which is the most important way to help improve the service quality and grow loyal patient base. Dentacoin, based on self-implementing Smart Contract, ensures optimal trust, autonomy, safety and speed, without any manipulation.

Dentacoin Differentiation Principle

Dentacoin Review Platform intends to be the first ever, most functional review as well as market research mechanism, because of incentive-based, fully transparent and censorship resistance temperament of blockchain based solutions. It is the only platform that is also supported by many other value-adding solutions created for the same purpose i.e. to boost dental care service quality, dental insurance model and healthcare database management.

How Dentacoin Revolutionizes the Global Dental Industry?

  • A Shift from Treatment to Prevention

By bringing dentists and patients into one community, various win-win opportunities can be realized. By means of “Hippocratic” dental insurance framework, patients would be paying for prevention, and not treatment. Lifetime, fully covered dental healthcare will be accessible to patients at the lowest monthly prices, paid in Dentacoin tokens. A self-implementing smart contract guarantees no manipulations, low fees and shared responsibility. The usual profit generated by insurance companies is shared between dentists and patients.

  • Crowd Power Value

Though blockchain based tools, including a trusted review platform, a webapp for crowd knowledge, and an aftercare mobile app, dentists and patients are rewarded with Dentacoin against their contribution to DentaCoin Foundation’s mission. Dentacoin serves as a platform to record patients’ feedback as well as help them improve their dental care habits. Moreover, DCN tool helps dentists improve the service quality based on feedback, and develop a loyal patient community.

  • Affordability for All

With collected Dentacoins, the patients:

  • Pay for treatments
  • Pay for dental insurance
  • Purchase oral care medicines and products

For dentists, Dentacoin brings:

  • A stable income stream
  • Cheaper dental equipment and materials via Dentacoin trading platform
  • A growing patient community
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Decreased treatment costs

 The Bottom Line…

Dentacoin, after its pre-sale of DCN tokens that ended on July 31, 2017, is on its way to improvise the dental industry globally by creating a unique, blockchain based Dentacoin ecosystem. DCN tokens provide token holders a share in Dentacoin Foundation. Dentists can exchange DCN tokens with patients for their reviews, while patients can utilize DCN tokens on various dental services or reserve tokens as an investment tool. In future, the company plans to launch blockchain-based insurance platform and healthcare database.