Dentacoin Announces Strategic Partnership with PCP Dental Recruitment, United Kingdom

January 25th, 2018: The Netherlands based Blockchain startup Dentacoin announces partnership with one of the fastest growing dental recruitment agencies in the UK: PCP Dental Recruitment.

PCP Dental Recruitment works with NHS, mixed and private practices in order to help them find dental nurses, hygienists/therapists, dentists, dental receptionists and practice managers. The Managing Director Rahim Hirani and his team take pride for having a solid background in the field, which allows them to find the best fit for each practice through proven methods. At the moment the agency partners with over 150 dental practices across London and the home counties and is eager to introduce the benefits from Dentacoin to its expanding network.

“PCP will aim to engage dental practices in London with the Dentacoin project and pick up further business development opportunities with new and existing practices. The project is aimed at our industry and is a unique offering. It offers exciting and innovative technology that could prove itself as profitable and efficient for dental practices around the globe. The potential is immeasurable at this stage, but with the number of dental practices in London alone, the opportunity is endless”, shares Mr. Rahim Hirani, Managing Director at PCP Dental Recruitment.

In future, they will also consider accepting payments in DCN for their professional recruitment services.

“Expanding the Dentacoin Network to all areas of the dental industry is crucial for the successful adoption of the concept”, says Tihomir Petrov, Business Developer at Dentacoin Foundation

It is evident that the Dentacoin Network is growing daily. As per this moment, fourteen dental clinics have already started accepting payments in DCN and the number of dentists/ dental practices registered on the Trusted Review Platform is over 900. Simultaneously, over 700 new active users of the tools (Trusted Reviews, Dentacare mobile app, DentaVox Research Platform) are acquired each week. This leads to a growing interest from all other companies operating within the industry as well.

Building a community, consisting of dental professionals, patients, suppliers, dental laboratories, service agencies, is the essence of the Dentacoin concept. This newly-created network triggers network effects meaning that each new participant increases the value of the network for all existing participants. Through numerous smart Blockchain-based solutions and a common industry-specific currency, all market participants are seamlessly connected, able to efficiently cooperate with each other and to generate personal and mutual benefits.