Delivree King completes 1 Lakh communicative deliveries in 6 months

Delivree King Logoo   To focus on training and development of on-ground delivery stuff

New Delhi, October 09, 2015: Delhi based communicative delivery provider, Delivree King today announces that it has recorded 100,000 deliveries since the launch of its operation. Delivree King started its operation in the month of March 2015, with a team of 4 handling 20-25 orders per day for a client. Presently, the size of the team has increased to 50 people.  Delivree King is operating in Delhi-NCR market only at present.

Delivree King’s main focus is to reduce RTO percentage for its clients by providing trained delivery boys as required which not only delivers on time but also provide support to customers by resolving the minor issues which results to cancellation or reorder which often leads to a loss of order & logistics expenses.

Delivree King was founded by Neeraj Bisht (Co-founder & CEO) and Akash Sharma (Co-founder & COO). Neeraj completed his law degree in 2012 and then joined Thomson Reuters. He quit a year later to start his own company that dealt with corporate gifting. Akash worked in after graduation in 2014 from IIT Delhi. The duo decided to capitalize on the e-commerce boom by starting their own logistics company.

“We are happy to see the growing numbers of deliveries. At present, product requirements are either immediate or urgent as e-business is growing rapidly. We always wanted to bring something new & interesting in logistics by not only delivering products as fast as possible but also assisting our clients to reduce their RTO percentage with our communicative delivery rather than traditional courier trend and we are getting positive results too. Now we are excited to offer our specialised services to big ecommerce players & expect to see same results. We hope that the growth momentum continues in future as well, which would enable us to expand our footprint to other cities soon.” says Neeraj Bisht, Co-Founder & CEO of Delivree King.

Along with premium logistics services, Delivree King also offers promotional services such as collecting video reviews from customers, and distributing coupons and vouchers. This way, the venture facilitates a direct connection between the consumer and the client.

“We are looking at creating a solid team of on-ground delivery stuff. We are already working on this aspect, which we believe is the main factor that would provide an edge over other players in the industry. We are also focussing on developing core technological strengths which would enable us to capture growing hyperlocal sector” says Akash Sharma, Co-founder & COO as Delivree King.

About Delivree King

Delivree King is a premium logistics service provider with an objective to provide specialized & communicative deliveries. Delivree King’s aim is to reduce returns, cancellations and making customers aware about new products & offers of our clients. They even provide services like open deliveries, handling minor fitting issues of the product and even facilitating customer to place new/ replacement order instantly.

Delivree King started its operation in the month of March 2015, with a team of 4 handling 20-25 orders per day for a client. Now the size of the team has increased to 50 people, handling more than 1000 premium deliveries with more than 10 clients in Delhi-NCR.

At present Delivree King is focusing the Delhi-NCR region. However, it has an expansion plan of making its footprint in other metro cities over the next 6 months. Delivree King is expanding at a steady pace as it is only into Premium & Communicative deliveries.

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