DailyObjects launches Corporate cases

dailyobjects-Custom designed cases and solutions for corporate buyers

DailyObjects, Indias largest seller of designer smartphone cases, launches a special service for Corporate buyers to offer custom designed branded smartphone cases of the highest quality. With this new feature added to their offerings, DailyObjects is set to expand its portfolio by catering to corporate brands with special promotional rates and dedicated customer service.

dailyobjects custom cases offer companies a creative method to showcase and promote their brand or offerings, since they are personal items, they offer excellent brand visibility. Commenting on the new offering, Pankaj GargCo-Founder & CEO of DailyObjects, said, “We strongly believe that your phone is your identity. DailyObjects has succeeded in attracting users to premium quality customisable cases that they use as a means of personal expression, something that they have never had before. dailyobjects custom cases are ideally suited for corporates and we have already sold a lot of cases to corporate buyers” He further added, “Whether you give DailyObjects’ cases to your employees, customers, clients or suppliers; they make an excellent corporate gift that you will be proud to have your company’s logo and branding on”


DailyObjects offers a user friendly tool for designing one-of-its-kind custom cases which allows corporates to either choose a template from the wide range of exclusive designs and personalise them or start with a blank canvas and add any photos, images and text that perfectly define the brand. The high quality polycarbonate cases are manufactured using the most advanced image technology; MT³ which combines several leading edge processes to embed designs permanently into the surface of the case. This gives peerless quality and a brilliant, lasting finish that doesn’t peel or fade. With superior quality protection for more than 100 models across all major global smartphone brands, DailyObjects strives to raise the bar for product design & originality in the country. It has transformed smartphone covers from a boring necessity and a mere form of protection into a high quality accessory for self-expression.


For more details, visit: http://www.dailyobjects.com/corporate/

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About DailyObjects:


Dailyobjects.com is the premier Indian site offering over 3000 designer and customisable cellphone cases for over 100 models of global smartphone brands. DailyObjects strives to raise the bar for product design & originality in the country. The cases are manufactured using advanced, MT3 technology to provide customers with products that are as durable as they are delightful. The company stands behind its products with an industry leading warranty policy and a level of customer service previously unseen in India.