Cryptocurrency Trading Platform Qurrex Announces Strategic Partnership With KYC Legal

January 03, 2018 – Amsterdam  

Qurrex, a first of its kind exchange platform designed to meet challenges of the dramatic growth of cryptocurrency trading, has announced its strategic partnership with KYC legal to secure the digital transparency of cryptocurrency transactions.

Per the agreement, the parties will work together to meet the growing demand for authorization of individuals during cryptocurrency trading and to provide secure mechanisms to verify digital identity.  Qurrex has signed a letter of intent on cooperation with KYC Legal, which could benefit not only both companies, but potential investors as well.

KYC legal is a novel platform, which is based on the blockchain technology and allows to protect and verify personal data of Internet users.  The platform has been built over the convenience and security of the blockchain technology, allowing users to manage their digital identity securely in a reliable and stress-free manner.

KYC Legal’s user verification platform is designed to protect and validate personal data and prevent fraud.  It can certify any document with digital signature, provide user verification through both self-verification and agent verification, provide access to digital notarial, medical, banking, insurance and other services.

 “We are happy to start our partnership with KYC Legal as we share the same vision and the same mission.  Our new platform, which encompasses advantages of both decentralized and centralized systems, will bring tangible results to investors, and KYC Legal will provide mechanisms to secure digital identity and conduct transactions in a reliable and user-friendly manner.  It is important for us to create an ecosystem where all types of transactions will be secure and transparent,” – said Qurrex CEO Matthijs Johan Lek.

“As the world moves closer to recognizing and embracing crypto technologies, the need for closer cooperation between traditional areas of business and the crypto economy is becoming apparent,” said KYC Legal’s  founder Daniil Rausov. “We feel that the Qurrex platform is a giant step in this direction, and are very happy to have the opportunity to help take the platform to the next level.”

Qurrex’s platform integrates the infrastructure of a traditional stock exchange with a decentralized one by using the blockchain technology.  The synergy of both platforms will allow cryptocurrency traders verify their digital identity using strong cryptographic protocols and preserve the integrity of data.  Qurrex’s terminal is yet another step towards enhancing transparency and trust of crypto-operations.

Qurrex is currently preparing its new trading terminal for service.  While it is currently undergoing updates and functionality expansion, the product demo will be presented for public testing in January 2018.

Qurrex’s new generation platform will substantially increase the market’s liquidity and set a new standard for crypto-exchange products.  Its reliability, security and speed are a game-changer for the crypto industry and professional traders.

Qurrex plans to launch its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) in winter 2018.

About Qurrex

A team of seasoned professionals with expertise in investment banking, stock exchange infrastructure development, and business development under the leadership of its Netherlands -based CEO Matthijs Johan Lek has launched the first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange platform.  Qurrex has integrated industrial-grade infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges with decentralized blockchain network and was initiated in November 2016.   Matthijs Johan Lek has had over twenty years of experience in finance and investment banking in leading financial institutions.  His team includes knowledgeable traders and consultants with significant roles in the cryptocurrency community as well as accomplished architects and experts of traditional stock exchanges from various countries.

Qurrex is attracting funds to support the development of the first of a kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, which will encompass the best features of traditional exchanges and offer blockchain technologies for brokers and investors.  Qurrex plans to launch its ICO in winter 2018 and attract 50 million USD.  ERC20 Tokens will be available for sale in Bitcoin and Ether, or in USD and Euro.  The initial price of one token is 1 US dollar ($1.00 USD). No tokens will be issued after the ICO, and the undistributed tokens will be burned.

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