How Cryptocurrency Revolutionizes Work. The End of the 8-HourWorkday.

“In the future, more and more things we do (passive or active) are going to get compensated by a token of some sort. In the same way today governments are issuing money, in the future companies will be issuing tokens to marry that value to a function that they have, or a product of their specific offering.”, William Mougayar at Ethereal Summit 2017.

As William Mougayar (@wmougayar), the author of The Business Blockchain said during the Ethereal Summit 2017, “We all have 3 jobs today: the job that we get paid to do at an office; the 2nd job is taking care of ourselves and our family and household; and the 3rd job has been given to us by another company for using their services – renting a car for example. All kinds of jobs have been given to us, without us getting compensated (paid) for them.

More people are waking up to this realization. Each one of us has a job, and has the ability to offer their skills to interested parties in the form of freelance service. Thus, each one of us has the ability to work for many different employers, diversifying skills and even getting paid for hobbies, without a static workplace and a straight 8-hour workday. Each business can benefit from such services and pay ONLY the equivalent of the contribution an individual makes, instead of paying the gap between the productive hours on the workplace and the not-so-productive hours an employee stays at your office.

Blockchain technology has made it possible for companies to create sophisticated loyalty programs and CRM systems, which allow them to benefit from the crowd intelligence and opinion of many different people.

Rewarding Opinion

Healthcare industry, like other service industries, is striving for long-term business success driven by customer feedback. Through the implementation of a decentralized Trusted Reviews Platform ( , Dentacoin gives dental patients a voice. By using Smart Contracts, Dentacoin’s Trusted Review Platform guarantees optimal autonomy, speed, trust and safety. Reviewers are rewarded in Dentacoin, which they can spend on treatment at partner dental clinics around Europe or keep Dentacoin as long term store of value.

We Are All Part of the Token Economy Already

This is not a new concept. The token economy is a reward system used to reward a target behavior. Many schools and kindergartens work with some sort of rewards (tokens, stickers or other form of points) to encourage positive behavior in children. Tokens and cryptocurrency are designed to work as a medium of exchange by use of cryptography to secure the transactions and, at the same time, control the creation of additional currency units.

This concept is very natural and accepted by many people as a better alternative to the 8-hour work day on a static location, day after day, sometimes year after year. People prefer to get paid depending on how much value they add towards a cause or a business. This makes each contributor a real involved party into the business itself, which grows trust and community. This also means that each one person can have many different talents, each contributing towards a different job with different amount of working time, so it’s only fair to get paid the equivalent of your contribution. Thus, none of us depend on a single employer, and the business can benefit from having the talents of many different people helping towards improvement and growth.

Bitcoin has opened up new digital markets that are yet to be fully utilized. More businesses are looking for opportunities to integrate cryptocurrency into their activities.