Crypto Currency App Partners with Mexico to Eliminate Corruption and Cost

Las Vegas, NV, May 24, 2018 – Coincierge Club, an app that allows users to use crypto currency to pay for goods and services, store value and make instant person to person transfers, has established a partnership with Mexico in hopes to improve the country’s economy by removing corruption and cost.

Coincierge Club established the deal in January of this year, and with the help of ProMexico the company has continued to evolve the partnership. Since joining forces, Concierge Club has created a coin and a website for the project.

Coincierge Club CEO, Darryll DiPietro, says the partnership will help give the power back to individuals, “When Eduardo Gonzalez Diaz de Leon approached us at our booth at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, he had a vision of using crypto to help the economy of Mexico by removing corruption and cost. We were able to close this deal a week after at the Mexicali Economic Development Corporation (EDC) in Mesa, Arizona. This will take the power of the money out of the cartel’s hands, as well as reduce illegal trade.”

When the company started, its main goal was to disrupt the Las Vegas strip by eliminating the monopoly hold the Nevada Gaming Control Board has on nightclub and non-gaming casino operations. Its crypto currency would allow vendors, with the help of Senate Bill 398, to avoid taxes, regulation or licence requirements as long as they operated on blockchain technology.

Today, their vision has grown to help more retail vendors—including those operating off the strip—by transitioning businesses to blockchain technology. When presented with advantages like no chargebacks, zero processing fees and the ability to own their own money, the conversion to digital money exchange seems like a no brainer.

In addition to offering zero processing fees, Coincierge Club also provides the fastest technology available and an industry-leading 13K supported coins. Their enterprise solution performs 250,000 transactions per second, which is a 500% increase from Visa’s current limits. And with a powerful and intuitive platform, businesses can easily integrate with nearly any POS system to accept digital currency and avoid credit card processing fees.

DiPietro believes crypto is the future of currency, and he’s excited to see how it will continue to change and support businesses, “My prediction for the future of blockchain and crypto is that it will infiltrate all aspects of production and automation. It will create a trust that we as a society have never seen. It will disrupt corrupt industries and redistribute power and wealth to society. With Crypto specifically, bankers and brokers will not be necessary, creating higher profit margins for business owners.”

Interested vendors and businesses can find Coincierge Club and DiPietro at crypto-centric events, or they can visit their website for more information.

About Coincierge Club

The Coincierge Club app allows our users to use crypto currency to pay for goods and services, store value and make instant person to person transfers. The app is available now at the Google Play App store, with availability on the iTunes store to come soon. You can create a profile, create new private and public keys, or import your keys into the user profile and have the peace of mind that your information is safe, secure, and encrypted.

About Rio Vista Universal

Founded in 2008, Rio Vista Universal is located in Beverly Hills and is at the cross roads of technology and entertainment. They are a full media corporation in TV, film and VR production, stadium concerts and management, public relations, digital marketing, social media with some of the most experienced partners in the industry. Under the leadership of President, James Ganiere, RVU provides full digital marketing, social media and PR support to Coincierge Club.


Coincierge Club began as a cryptocurrency and application developed for the nightlife and physical gaming industries, offering phone support and hosting unlike any other altcoin on the market. This quickly evolved into a point of sale disruptor. Benefits include: safety, lower cost, hands on support, and metrics tracking. Coincierge Club is going to change how a user purchases good and services. When the user is ready they download the application and import their crypto currencies or purchase Coincierge Club coins. At this point, human verification via one of our Coincierges follows. As an account member with a positive balance, you are entitled to 24/7 VIP Coincierge support. Our hosts can provide additional on the ground support as needed. The user is now able to use their crypto currencies at any venue that accepts the Coincierge Club application. When it comes time to execute the sale, the users scans a QR code provided by the venue, accepts the amount and hits send. The coins are now in the vendors account. We launched our application in Las Vegas on December 31st, 2017 allowing users to buy bottle service with cryptocurrency. Our goal is to replace over priced, under designed point of sale terminals.


A blockchain based payment service which allows users to spend over 12,000 different crypto currencies on goods and services in a safer, faster and more secure way via a private key wallet.


The process of buying goods and services is complicated and expensive due to credit card companies and banks charging massive fees and taking multiple days to clear transfers. The paper currency alternative poses a security risk, especially in high end international tourism markets, where large products are purchased typically with exchanged USD currency. Currently customers must decide whether they value security and if it is worth the extra expense. Some peer to peer exchanges are currently operating, yet take days to move the currency and charge you a large percentage of the transaction.

The Coincierge Club application offers a faster, lower cost and safer alternative to traditional commerce solutions. With up to 250k transactions per second, it is 3x faster than Visa. Our private key wallet can hold over 12k different crypto currencies. In Nevada, we offer addition value, being protected by Nevada Senate Bill 398, which protects blockchain companies from outside taxes, licenses and regulations. This will allow venues in Las Vegas to operate without following the Nevada Gaming Control Board. Our user application is finished and currently available on the Google Play Store. Our Vendor Portal is being developed for the android market, and currently operates via Vendor application features are currently being developed and will include multiple tabs with line items, split checks and employee time management to start.

Our application will be used by consumers, both in local and tourism markets, seeking safer, less expensive and faster ways to buy goods and services. Users will download the application and either buy Coincierge Club coins or load in balances from other wallets. Users can then go shopping for goods or services at any location where our application is accepted. The vendor will create a QR code from the vendor portal. User scans and approves transaction and the coins are moved to the vendor account associated with the vendor portal. Vendors can cash in those transactions either at the time of transaction, or at the end of shift, end of week or end of month.