Crude Inventories Surge To Record High As Energy Demand Collapses – Umesh Shanmugam

Released a much higher than expected build in crude inventories that took the stuffed-channel of oil products to all-time highs. The 395.3 million barrels is higher than the previous record in July 1990. There appears to be a number of factors at play – none of which are positive. There is a surge in supply due to the incessant harvesting of shale oil. Second, we suspect there is a degree of‘channel-stuffing’ occurring – if we pump it, they will buy – as producers and transporters are desperate to keep active and show incremental business. But perhaps most important, as EIA data has shown, there has been a collapse in end demand for crude products not seen since the 1990s. Today’s surge in inventories appears to confirm demand remains subdued at best.




Above is Hourly Chart of WTI Crude ,Now Trading at  $90.38….Major Support for WTI CRUDE at $ 90.31 & 89.76

If Breaks and closes below $89.76 level then ??