Crowdfunding WakaWaka personal solar power station makes a flying start

WakawakaHaarlem (The Netherlands) December 12, 2012 The revolutionary new WakaWaka Power has made a dazzling debut today on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Within the first hour this new product, that combines a solar powered LED lamp with a charger for any mobile phone and tablet, collected more than 10% of the $50.000 goal. Earlier today the same innovation received nearly 100% of the € 25.000 goal on the Dutch crowdfunding platform

The WakaWaka Power is the much anticipated follow-up to the hugely successful WakaWaka Light, winner of 4 Accenture Innovation Awards in 2012. Building on the original design the WakaWaka Power is thinner, lighter and features the Sunpower Solar cell, Intivation power management technology and triple the battery power of the previous version. All while delivering up to 60 lumens of bright, safe solar light for 100 hours on an 8 hour charge and the ability to charge most cell phones and tablets.

Power at your fingertips
The WakaWaka Power is the culmination of many months of design to create a product that would be a fashionable, yet powerful tool for everyday use. With the growth in mobile devices, there is a need to have a reliable, efficient, portable device that ensures that you will always have power at your fingertips.

The WakaWaka Power was dramatically upgraded with the finest solar panel on the market today, producing 20% more power than any other unit. On less efficient solar panels you can see the ‘grid’ on the front. The new patented technology places the metal contacts on the back side of the solar cells providing more area to collect sunlight.

Charges all phones and tablets
Increased solar collection and optimize energy conversion results in more sunlight turned into energy faster. Despite the compact size the battery capacity and overall output have been tripled. At 2200 mAh LiPo, the battery can deliver 10 hours of powerful reading light and charge your cell Phone, tablet and any other USB powered device the same time. Used as a light, a single charge will deliver 100 hours of bright, safe reading light. Tested for all climates the WakaWaka Power will always be fully charged in 8 hours, even in area’s located away from the sunny equator. The smart design makes for flexible positioning from table tops to bottles. Tested to survive the harshest environments around the world the durable, water resistant WakaWaka Power with its sleek design and color options is well suited for everyday commuter use as well as disaster preparation, camping and military applications.

Crowdfunding campaign
On 12-12-12 the pre-sale of the WakaWaka Power will be launched through a month long crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. The suggested retail price for the WakaWaka Power is $79.00. During this pre-sale Kickstarter event, visitors can purchase the WakaWaka Power for as little as $50.00/unit. The funds we raise will be used to take the prototype into production ready for delivery to retail stores at the end of Q1.

Light Up Haiti
For each WakaWaka Power sold during the crowdfunding campaign, one WakaWaka Light will be delivered to our partner the UNHCR, for distribution to a Haitian family living off the power grid. Still today, 2 years after the devastating earthquake in 2010, 1.2 million Haitian families live in darkness, without any electricity, heavily dependent on toxic, expensive and extremely dangerous kerosene lamps.