Conversation on a World Stage – bibitel launches innovative new product for cost effective international calling

bibitelDigitech Communications, through its brand bibitel, celebrate the launch of their ground-breaking product, the sim-skin, designed to facilitate cost effective, international, non geo number and premium rate calling.

The sim-skin product, designed to fit quickly and easily alongside your existing SIM card, can immediately cut the cost of international calling by a significant amount without any changes in existing mobile provider, contract or number and the way you dial. bibitel has pledged to cut the cost of these types of calls, as well as phone calls, to premium 08XX numbers, by £100 million collectively in the next twelve months.

“We have complete confidence in the quality of the sim-skin, as well as its ease of use for customers looking to call friends, family or colleagues abroad,” Shouvanik Chatterjee, CEO, Digitech says. “As well as our extensive testing to guarantee the quality and reliability of the service, the cost saving passed onto the customer is exceptional. We already have customers reporting savings totalling hundreds of pounds per month and we are looking to introduce our sim-skin to families looking to contact loved ones abroad, as well as those looking to conduct business overseas.”

The sim-skin works to redirect relevant international and premium rate calls to a network of quality partner networks, substituting tariffs of £1.50 per minute to a couple of pence, with 98% savings commonplace. “We have put a vast amount of research and expertise into developing and fully testing our sim-skin as a solution for any number of problems that usually come with calling abroad, including extortionate rates for international calls and roaming fees, difficulty in connection and the hassle of multiple phones, SIM cards and telephone numbers,” Shiraz Jessa, President, Digitech says.

The sim-skin has the added advantage of convenient online ‘Top Up’, transparent pricing, as well as enabling its customers to add multiple landline numbers to a registered account and guaranteed secure calling around the world.

“The future looks bright for our unique sim-skin product, offering easy and cost effective international calling, allowing clients, friends and family members more time to talk wherever they are around the world,” Shiraz concludes.